Society Service versus escortagencies outside the Netherlands

Society Service versus escortagencies outside the Netherlands

Differences between Society Service and escortservices elsewhere in the world

Clients regularly tell about their experiences at escort agencies other than Society Service. These are not always horror stories of completely different escorts than in the photos, menacing drivers and poor service. Although the Netherlands is considered the Valhalla for high-end escort agencies, good escort services can also be found in other places in the world. Nevertheless, a number of differences do stand out. We discuss some of them here.

Sex work is legal in the Netherlands. The exploitation of this is also legal, provided that you as a company have the correct permits, as we do. The Netherlands is the exception rather than the rule in this regard. There are only a handful of countries (12%) where an escortservice can legally operate: the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and a number of countries in South America. If you use an escortservice in a country where this is not legal, this does not necessarily mean that you as a client are also punishable. However, it almost always results in the escortservice lacking professional management. Logical, since most of the business services required to run a business properly are not available.

The recruitment process for new escorts

A client said that exceptional high-end escorts are available at escort agencies in the Netherlands. It was very clear to him that the selection procedure is carried out very carefully: "I saw that the escort also had fun during the booking and was well informed. The escorts I met through your agency were highly educated and could talk about various topics, from small talk to heavier subjects. A big difference that I noticed compared to escort agencies outside the Netherlands was that new escorts are not thrown in at the deep end, but there is a calm build-up for the first bookings. My experience with escort agencies outside the Netherlands is that a new escort goes to a first booking in just a few days after meeting the agency."

Escorts are much more 'girl next door'

We asked another client, who almost exclusively books escorts with us for bookings outside the Netherlands, why he did that. The client admitted that he had had an extensive check done into the background and reliability of owner Marike and that this was decisive in his choice. He also says: "The escorts at Society Service, but also at other escort services in the Netherlands, are mainly spontaneous and intelligent girl-next-door types. I find the type of woman who works as an escort in addition to a study or job much more interesting and is also this look much more discreet. At escort agencies outside the Netherlands I see many more escorts with a more glamor model appearance who do the work as an escort full time. This type appeals to me much less. I also think they all have the same look: slim and between 20 and 30, giving nature a helping hand, lots of make-up and luxurious clothes with expensive accessories."

Safe sex and a real Girlfriend Experience

"I was astonished that oral sex is always done with a condom. I haven't experienced that anywhere else in the world. To be honest, the fun is greater without but with is safer." This comment is not unknown to us. It is true that in the Netherlands it is quite normal for a high-end escort to only offer protected sex, which includes oral sex with a condom. But not only that, at Society Service the Girlfriend Experience is also really an experience and not a longer list of possibilities: "I have never experienced at escort agencies outside the Netherlands that the experience with the escort felt as authentic and intimate as with the escorts of Society Service. It's really about a special experience for both and not about running down a to-do list. I have however found such an approach with independently working high end escorts outside the Netherlands as well."

We also work with Terms and Conditions

Every legal and professional company has Terms and Conditions and so does our high class escort service. These have been drawn up in consultation with a number of clients, escorts and our lawyer and are regularly reviewed. We don't think it's fair to make an exception for one client that we wouldn't make for another. That is why the Terms and Conditions are leading and it is important that you agree to this before booking: "I thought it came across as a bit impersonal that I had to agree to the Terms and Conditions with my first booking. I had never experienced this anywhere else in the world with an escort service. It felt a bit like signing a contract for the purchase of a new car. That said, that impersonal feeling immediately went away when we spoke on the phone. It was a pleasant and interesting conversation. In addition, these Terms and Conditions also convince me that not only I must comply with them, but you too. Ultimately, I really like this professionalism and transparency, although it took some getting used to."


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