Society Service does not have an affiliate in India

Society Service does not have an affiliate in India

Society Service high class escortservice in India

Throughout the years we've had to deal our fare share of copy cats. Our website design, structure, text and pictures on it have been copied many times. Our company name and trade name were infringed and used by other companies. Names for services we develop are copied, and so forward. Some things we see as a compliment, other incidents we take (legal) actions against. After all, being a fully legal and registered company allows us to take such legal actions.

No, we are not operating from India or have any representatives working in India

Now, last week we received an email asking us about our Indian branche. The question took us by surprise, since we do not have an Indian branche or office. Neither do we have any representatives in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. We have only one head office and it's located in Rotterdam, a large city in The Netherlands. However, this person claimed to have been contacted by Society Service India. We asked for more information and we were shocked; an other person (or persons...) are pretending to represent Society Service in India and are collecting payments for future bookings with our agency. Needless to say, those payments can not be used at our escort agency. Neither can these Indian "representatives" be of any help when applying to our company to work as a high class escort.

In doubt about an add? Here are some check points

We were not amused by what we had discovered and took immediate action. The fraudulent add was taken down, we filed several complaints and are looking into what legal actions we can take. In the meanwhile, for Indian people looking to book with our agency please contact us directly. Keep the following in mind:

  • We run our business from Rotterdam in The Netherlands and our only means of contact are through our website, the email addresses connected to our domain and the phone numbers listed on our website. We do not use any other methods of contact.


  • We do not advertise on Adult Friend Finder. Any add on there suggesting to be associated with us is a scam.


  • We do not use any Indian telephone numbers, such as +919643752748, which was used on this occasion.


  • We do not provide services in India, but welcome Indian clients during their stay in The Netherlands.


  • We do not require a prepayment for bookings in The Netherlands. Most new clients pay cash in Euro's at the beginning of their booking with us.


  • We are not recruiting outside The Netherlands. It is not possible to work with us when you are based outside The Netherlands, e.g. based in India.

We hope this clears things up and make sure to inform us whenever you see a fraudulent add running. The adds below are examples of fake adds we have found. They are not associated with our high class escortservice.