Escort look: Sexy and seductive

Escort look: Sexy and seductive

High class escort with sexy and seductive look

One of the clothing preferences we haven’t yet discussed, but which we can not leave unspoken, is the sexy and seductive look! This way of dressing consists of elements which will make the high class escorts of Society Service sexy and irresistible. In fact, it gives the escorts so much sex appeal, it will be very tempting to invite the escort to join you in the bedroom as soon as you see the escort. If you decide to wait a little bit: good luck!

From experience we know that waiting is usually a quit the challenge, because of the way your gift is wrapped, it will look like an instant invitation to unwrap. Having said that, make sure to remain respectful towards your escort, and allow the escort the time to get to know you outside the bedroom first.

What is the sexy and seductive look?

If there is something the high class escorts from Society Service all have in common, is must be the fact that they all have beautiful physical characteristics which invite to be decorated. Some escorts have large breasts and round buttocks, others may have a small wasp waist and long legs. And although the unique selling points differ per escort, it remains a fact these physical characteristics parts become more seductive by decorate them with the right clothes. The female escorts from Society Service who dress sexy and seductive, often wear a shorter and figure hugging skirt or dress, with high heels underneath. Perhaps a bit of sexy cleavage and the hair worn down. Obviously, all escorts wear spicy lingerie, perhaps embellished with some kinky elements. The make-up the escorts wear is a bit more than usual, but at all times discreet.

When our male escorts are requested to dress sexy and seductive, they will usually dress smart casual, with a sexy twist. A close fitting shirt, perhaps with one more button down. But what makes a male escorts really sexy must be his naughty and seductive smile, perhaps combined with a 5 o’clock shadow. Do you prefer a sexy look, but would you like the escort to arrive discreetly and save the sexy for your private moments? No problem. In that case, the escort brings the sexy clothes and change into them as soon as the moment calls for it.

Sexy and Seductive look at our escortservice

Curious about which escorts of Society Service like to dress sexy and seductive? What about our Valentina! This slender young lady with blonde locks and round buttocks is a real treat to the eye, especially when she is dressed in seductive lingerie. The same goes for our Taylor. Consider yourself looking when on a booking with her. Taylor is tall, very slim and has amazing sultry lips. Who also likes to dress sexy and seductive, is Morgan. She has firm and round booty and her breasts are also exceptionally well-shaped, curves in all the right places. Morgan is a Playboy Playmate for a reason and as soon as you see her, you will know this is a sexy sight to never forget!