Escort look: Elegant and feminine

Escort look: Elegant and feminine

High class escort with Elegant and Feminine look

In previous blogs we discussed a number of clothing styles the high class escorts of Society Service can wear during bookings. An outfit that wasn’t on the list yet, but certainly should not be missed out on, is the elegant and feminine look. This clothing style appeals to many of our escorts as well as our clients, because this style accentuates feminine curves. Moreover, the look fully corresponds to the Society Service DNA, because it is stylish, sophisticated and very seductive!

What is the elegant and feminine look?

When you ask the high class escorts of Society Service which type of outfit they prefer, nine times out of ten they will say: the elegant and feminine look. It’s their favorite look, because this way of dressing ensures the female forms are accentuated, without being tacky or indiscreet. Understated, elegant, feminine and stylish are keywords for this clothing preference. A seductive dress in which the booty and breasts are accentuated, is a great example of a garment that matches the elegant and feminine look. A pencil skirt with an elegant also matches this type of clothing preference. When dressing feminine and elegant, the high class escorts will always wear high heels. It completes the picture, as many would say.

Beneath the elegant and feminine clothing, the high class escorts prefer to wear luxurious lingerie, made out of lace and silk, consisting of a bra, thong, garters and stockings, or perhaps a stunning basque or corselet. The possibilities are almost endless.

Elegant and feminine escorts

As said before, the majority of the female escorts of Society Service prefer to dress elegant and feminine, because this way of dressing enhances and embraces their femininity. Yet there are two Society Service escorts in particular whose bodies are best suited to dress in such a way. The first is Jade. This brunette with brown green eyes is sweet, intelligent and is really one of a kind. Jade has an hourglass-shaped body, consisting of a round booty and nice big natural breasts (cup size E!). An escort who also has a body to feast on is Nadia. She is petit, but given her beautiful big breasts and rounded booty, you would almost think that the elegant and feminine a celebration just for Nadia's body.