Sextoys which are used by our gigolos

Sextoys which are used by our gigolos

Surprise the gigolo from Society Service with a sextoy

Just as exciting sex toys are available on the market for the high class escorts of Society Service, there are also toys for the gigolos that make sex more pleasant. You can think of: masturbators, vibrators, cock rings and prostate toys. Although the range of male sex toys is many times smaller than the female, there are still a number that are worth it. Which those are? Below a selection!

Lovely 2.0 Vibrating Couples Ring

There is nothing technology will not do, especially when it comes to this Lovely 2.0 vibrating couples ring. This ring, which is worn by the penis and meanwhile stimulates the clitoris, comes with an app that learns what you and your bed partner like in bed. This ring even suggests new positions and techniques that make sex even better. Yes, this is what you say: making love in a futuristic way!

Gpop Prostate Massager

Just like the Lovely 2.0 couples ring, the Gpop prostate massager gives both partners pleasure. It’s what you call a unisex stimulator. The anatomical shape makes it easy to reach both the G-spot and the P-spot, and the powerful motor focuses on both internal and external erogenous zones. He is calm yet powerful, which makes him a great all-rounder!

Coco de Mer Adjustable Cock Ring

This adjustable cock ring is made of soft, flexible silicone and has a cap that can be easily adjusted to limit blood flow. Thanks to the adjustability, the power of an erection is intensified and a greater sexual endurance takes place. In short, this ring from Coco de Mer has style and class, and does exactly what it should do!

Coco de Mer George Vibrating Cock Ring

Ladies, gentlemen, High class escorts and gigolos: if there is a sex toy that works miracles, it is this cock ring from Coco de Mer! Why? It is a vibrating love ring that stimulates both men and women during intercourse. With twelve speeds and eight patterns, this is a wonderful toy that everyone in the hotel room will enjoy!

Fun Factory Cobra libre II Male Vibrator

If you want to surprise a male escort from Society Service, bring this Cobra Libre II with you. The vibrator is specifically designed for the penis, is equipped with two motors and embraces the penis in a flexible and silicone body. After pressing the "Fun" button, a series of vibrating patterns follows. It is designed to hold in one hand, leaving the man free to use the other for something else. It is by no means difficult to guess for which purpose...