Running into people during your high class escort booking

Running into people during your high class escort booking

What if you run into someone you know during your booking with a high class escort?

We have a client who provides very nice input for blogs. The subjects are recognizable to many. During this blog we discuss a recurring question: What if I run into someone I know during the booking? This question is asked by both our clients and our high class escorts.

Discretion is extremely important for both the client and the escort. It is not self-evident that all parties share the adventures with or as a high class escort with others. It is therefore good to pay a little more attention to this. Incidentally, as we understood from owner Marike, you can also count on discretion from her. She indicated that if she runs into an escort or a client she recognized, she will pass them without any sign of recognition.

Hey how nice to see you here, and who is this?

It is not inconceivable that you might bump into someone you know in the middle of a date, for example in your own hometown during a date with your high escort. This also applies to her, of course, especially in her own hometown. In the high class escort etiquette this is briefly referred to.

When meeting someone you know, the high escort will go along with the story you tell, for example that you are colleagues. She will then excuse herself as discreetly and quickly as possible, for example to go to the toilet, so that you can deal with the conversation. Conversely, no less is expected of you, because during a short conversation with her acquaintances you can catch details that are not intended for you.

But what if you fear that you will not be able to anticipate when this happens? That you might be afraid to suddenly slam shut? It is also useful to realize that your escort, despite the fact that she has developed like a true chameleon as a high escort, can be a little taken aback in the same situation. Here are some hypothetical examples that can help you be a little more prepared for this event.

First, as mentioned in high class escort etiquette, be modest with your physical contact outside of the private sphere with your high escort. Walking arm in arm is often fine, but with your hand on her booty at the same time, on the other hand, is not so gallant. This does not only apply to you and your high escort, this never looks decent, whoever does this in public.

Playing footsy under a table in the restaurant can be very nice, provided that a tablecloth leaves things unnnoticable for others. And perhaps more importantly, that the high escort indicates that this is also pleasant and appropriate, of course. These etiquette are not just there to keep things pleasant for you and your high escort. They are also there in case you or the escort run into someone you know, so that the story you or she tells is credible. So always keep in mind that you are in a public space.

So how do you approach this? Practicing a role play with your high escort in order to handle this situation correctly is not the first solution I would choose. Although her profile may state that she is open to role-playing, this is not exactly what is meant by this. The role plays that are meant by this usually have a slightly more exciting storyline with a little less stress in mind, and an often more relaxing outcome as a result.

But then how to approach this? Make a virtue of necessity, it can be a nice topic of conversation while you leave your home or hotel with your high class escort. It may even seem that you are cooking up exciting secrets with her, which of course it is. If you meet someone on the street, try to deal with this quickly with a nod of your head. If you then immediately seem to be busy talking to your company, they will be less inclined to approach you. If this person does, you could keep it short and polite, quickly excusing yourself for being in a rush or having a reservation at a certain time.

There are several options on the street. But what if you are having a delicious dinner with your escort at the table in the restaurant, and you hear the sentence 'Hey, how nice to meet you here!'. What can always be useful is that you (hopefully in advance) have taken a realistic look at your situation. If you believe that the story 'She is a (former) colleague' usually works, bear in mind that you may also encounter someone from that work. The excuse, 'she is an old classmate' is also possible, however, if you are now an attractive man in your mid-fifties, and the escort is somewhere in her mid-twenties, this will not fly either. Given the age difference, 'she's my favorite niece that I'm taking out to dinner' can also be a good story. However, if you meet the family's gossip girl, you understand that this does not work either. So making up two covers is perhaps not such a bad idea. But always make sure that you are the one who speaks in this case, so that the high class escort only has to agree to whatever you say. Try to keep it as calm and natural as possible. The more you say, the stranger the story, the more suspicious it often sounds.

And if the situation is reversed? Of course, made-up stories can go both ways. Do you notice that the escort has to talk the hind legs off a donkey and tries to handle this situation as quickly, correctly and discreetly as possible? Then excuse yourself to the toilet. You can also report that you need to make an urgent phone call. And use the East Indian deaf principle, you do not hear any information, listening is a choice at that moment. You will hopefully do as much for the high class escort as she would for you not to discredit her.

Can you actually avoid this situation? Sometimes the world is like a small village, and sometimes a small village can seem as big as the world. Coincidences exist. But of course you can make sure that the restaurant you choose is not your (ex) wife's home base. That the sauna you go to is not managed by your sister-in-law. That your neighbor is not behind the box office of the theater where you want to go to the performance. And so many more examples where you could have seen problems coming from a long distance. And it starts, like many things, with trying to discuss things with your high class escort. She will try to think along with you, but she can do that better if she knows about your plans.

Then this. Whether you have a booking with your high class escort just once or monthly. In addition to that time together, not only you, but also the escort has a life of her own next to this exciting job. So if you spontaneously or accidentally meet her in public, in a shop, in an amusement park, with your family, or wherever and however: Try to assess the situation whether a polite nod with a modest smile is possible. And if this is not possible, an understanding look is probably sufficient. Don't stare too long gentlemen. Indeed, so pure and natural, loose in the wild, she also looks breathtaking, and you could look at her for hours. But she, whether she knows you or not, really doesn't want that either. This is simply rude and inappropriate. Think of it as a gift that you got to see her for a little bit. She won't be offended if you don't wave enthusiastically or approach her for a greeting. Just assume that this is not desirable, and certainly not the intention.

In fact, rest assured that she appreciates and expects you no less than you give her full right and control in this matter to decide if there is any confirmation at all between the two of you. At that moment she has no obligation to do anything towards you, no matter how special the dates with you are. And see it this way. Then you will have something to laugh about on the next date with her, especially if you have resolved this incident discreetly and correctly, of course. In addition, it is of course entirely conceivable that it will not be very convenient for you if the escort greets you warmly, whether or not in the presence of others.

Is signed, Average Joe.


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