Average Joe and the high class escortservice

Average Joe and the high class escortservice

A memorable escort booking with an average salary

One of our most valued clients enjoys writing to make a nice contribution to our blog, which he always reads faithfully. The client in question has a very nice writing style and can empathize very well with both the client and the escort. The subjects are special, recognizable and full of empathy. We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

How can I arrange a memorable date with an average income?

"Before reading further, this is in no way a criticism of what a date with a high escort or gigolo costs. Do you have the feeling, this is a pricey affair and actually I can't or won't pay for this, stop. This is intended for those who appreciate the (priceless) company of unique ladies and gentlemen.

Let me start with myself first. I work in a non-commercial branch. Do not receive a bonus, do not own any shares. I am what you call 'Average Joe'. I choose to spend the money I save on very nice and special experiences. Namely dating with high escorts. Now, because of my means, this is not a weekly or even monthly affair. And like I said, I'm saving for this.

Yet it can be experienced as confrontational if a profile, an explanation or a blog contains a piece about long-distance travel, luxury dinners, fast cars, multi-day bookings with multiple escorts, and so on. Then you get the feeling, aren't my dates too simple, is it fun and special enough for the lady in question?

Look, dreaming about a long weekend with a high class escort on the pearly white beaches of a faraway place is fun. But do you feel like your grant doesn't get any further than the sandbox in the playground around the corner? Then here are some useful tips to make that date even more special for the escort than that long trip, or those shiny diamonds.

In short, it starts with sincere attention, listening carefully and asking questions (appropriately) and not being afraid that something you do is stupid or too childish. By attention I mean, if you don't know the escort yet, read that profile better! This includes the blogs located at the bottom of the profile. I understand you are distracted by the pictures up there, but be a man and scroll on. It contains a lot of information that you can use.

If it says 'loves art and culture', 'loves animals', etc. you can of course try to arrange a trip to the Louvre, or a trip to the Bahamas to swim with dolphins. But also think about that art exhibition in the town hall or the library. And if she loves animals and you read further that she is vegetarian or vegan, this is often about animal welfare. Then don't go to that much too cramped and poorly maintained petting zoo, but see if you can attend a lamb day or take care of horses somewhere at an organic farmer. Usually not far, and costs nothing, but is a super experience. Be so smart and considerate to let the escort know in advance that you want to do this, so that the escort does not stand in the mud with her beautiful expensive pumps, but has appropriate clothing.

Listening carefully is especially useful for a next date with that same special lady. Does she tell you, for example, not to be a morning person and to love tea very much, a small gift such as a tea box with special morning teas can be very thoughtful. Accompany this with a delicious shower gel with refreshing properties, and voila, a morning package. And you show that you have listened sincerely.

Something personal often works well too. Are you good at massaging, are you good at writing, are you good with wood or metal, do, clay, knit, crochet or make something personal that shows: I made an effort for you. Then don't think if it says she likes the outdoors "Gosh I'll let my mom knit a scarf". Very good read, quite personal, but no. Can you knit it yourself, great, I promise you, she will remember it.

Personal attention, that is ultimately what most people want, isn't it? Also here with policy, are you good with wood, don't make a coffee table right away, but cut a beautiful bird out of wood, saw, glue and cut a rose, be creative. And when saying goodbye after the date, the 'big smile' and the 'hopefully see you soon' certainly feels like really sincere.

Finally. For all those better off gentlemen, the tips of listening and making it personal can also be done on that pearly white beach, swimming with dolphins and beyond. Doing your best for the escort is really not just pulling your wallet. Do you want them to remember only the trip or also that don Juan with that sincere personal touch?"


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