Romantic spots in The Netherlands

Romantic spots in The Netherlands

Visit romantic spots in the Netherlands with your high class escort

Have you booked a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) with a high class escort from Society Service and are you looking for a romantic destination? In that case, we know a few! Of course we could mention Paris, or Barcelona, ​​Venice, Vienna or Prague. Beautiful cities, which have been visited by many lovebirds all around the world. Nevertheless, in this blog we choose to look a bit closer to home. Why? Well, in The Netherlands there are also plenty of places that can serve as a setting for a romantic rendezvous. Where for example? What about these five!

Romance with escort in Maastricht

A city that will not disappoint you and the high class escort from Society Service and where the romance really is up for grabs, is Maastricht. The capital of Limburg is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and you can see that in the beautiful churches, picturesque streets and the magnificent Servaasbrug. Yet it is mainly the Burgundian atmosphere that makes Maastricht a romantic city. The restaurants are great and the number of cozy cafes can not be counted on two hands. No better place to experience your Girlfriend Experience!

Drink wine and sail with escort in Giethoorn

Are you looking for old-fashioned romance? Then buy a bottle of fine wine, rent a whisper boat and sail with the high class escort from Society Service through the beautiful National Park Weerribben-Wieden. It is an activity that fits a Girlfriend Experience. Dreamily enjoying the surroundings, and of course of each other.

Cycling with escort in Amsterdam

Okay, the choice might be a little bit obvious, but the capital of The Netherlands should not be missing on this list. Amsterdam has so many romantic ingredients. There are nice cafes and restaurants where you and the Society Service escort can enjoy each other without being disturbed. Or what about a bike ride along the canals that ends at the Vondelpark. Anyone who has read Jan Wolkers' book Turkish Delight (1969), or who may have seen the movie, will undoubtedly think: it will never be more romantic than this.

Enjoy the sunset with escort in Nijmegen

Close to the border with Germany you will find one of the most romantic cities in The Netherlands, called Nijmegen. It is the ideal place to reside for a while together with the Society Service high class escort. Why? The city center is full of terraces and river the Waal runs through the city. Romance in all its glory. Especially if you decide to enjoy the sunset on the river during a boat trip.

Stargazing with escort on The Wadden Islands

Horse riding on Ameland, stargazing on Schiermonnikoog or walking on the green beach of Terschelling. Nowhere in the Netherlands can you feel as romantic as on the Wadden Islands. It is what you say a wonderful world in itself, which does not compare itself with any other place in the world. As far as we are concerned, The Wadden Islands are the perfect place for an unforgettable Girlfriend Experience!