Payment options with extra discretion

Payment options with extra discretion

How can you discreetly pay for your high class escort?

At our high class escortservice we offer various payment methods. However, the preference of our escorts is prepayment via bank transfer. That way, no financial matters need to be arranged during the booking. This payment method is also preferable from our point of view as a mediator, but that may not be for the reason you think at first glance.

You may think that we like prepayment because we then have a certain amount of security, and that is correct. But an even more important reason is that banks are becoming increasingly difficult about depositing cash because they associate it with criminal activites. Under the motto "we like to get to know our customers better" and "we have to do this in connection with the anti-money laundering law", banks legitimize stigmatizing requests for information about their customers and the origin of their money. This applies to both the private account of the escort as well as our business account and often results in additional conditions and restrictions on the bank account.

Our government acknowledges that one of the biggest wrongdoings in sex work is the poor social position of sex workers. Problems with banks are an important element with this. This has not gone unnoticed by the press, who regularly write about the problems sex workers experience with banks. This problem will not be solved for the time being, which is why we would like to inform you about a number of alternatives for payment with cash. We will of course continue to accept your cash payments, as this is legal tender. The options below are for information only.

Deposit cash through an intermediary

The number of parties where you can deposit cash directly into third-party bankaccounts has been seriously reduced. This is currently still possible at Western Union (costs 3-5%), Money Gram and Suri-Change. You turn to a branch of the company with your cash payment and can deposit it directly into our bankaccount. We can provide you with our bankdetails for this purpose. We are unable to collect cash payments at intermediary offices.

Pay by bank transfer through an intermediary

We can imagine that it is not possible for everyone to transfer money to us via his or her bank account. An intermediary can offer a solution here. You create an account with the intermediary. You transfer money to this intermediary from your bank account or your debit/credit card. The name of the intermediary is then stated on your statements. From the account with the intermediary you can transfer your money to our account. This is discreet and has the additional advantage that the bank charges of such parties are often lower, especially when it comes to international payments and foreign currency. Examples of such intermediaries are: Wise, Xoom, Worldfirst, Revolut, Remitly / WorldRemit, FairFX and CurrencyCloud. Keep in mind; all these companies exclude us from their business services. We therefore do not have our own account with the party. However, you can transfer money from your account with the company to our business bank account. These intermediaries often offer a variety of payment methods which have different processing times and rates. In general, banktransfers validated through Plaid, Apple Pay and card payments are the fastest.

Use a PrePaid credit card (linked to your crypto)

Some of our escorts have a portable ATM that they can use to accept credit cards in addition to normal bank/debit cards. Cards with the VISA and Mastercard logo are generally accepted, but at a 5% surcharge. For added discretion, consider using a prepaid credit card. Contrary to popular belief, a prepaid credit card is not anonymous. It is simply a credit card that you must deposit money into from your bank account in advance, which you can then use to pay. There are also parties that offer the option of using your cryptocurrency to deposit into the card. Examples of parties are Plutus and Crypto.

Do you have any suggestions for us?

Are you familiar with a discreet payment method that may benefit other clients? Then we would like to hear from you. Over the years we have already researched many different payment methods but often come to the conclusion that our industry is excluded from the service, as is the case with Mr.Pay from GWKTravelex, PayPal and thus far any legit crypto currency platform we have checked with.


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