Prepare your home for your escort booking

Prepare your home for your escort booking

Prepare your home for your high class escort

When you invite a high class escort to your home, you naturally want your escort to feel comfortable and 'at home'. This helps build an intimate atmosphere and sensual mood.

To help you prepare your home for the arrival of your high class escort, we have listed a number of requirements and tips. Hopefully these are helpful!

The bare minimum

At the very least, your home should be clean. In practical terms, this means dusting and vacuuming the house, clearing away clutter, washing and putting away dishes and thoroughly cleaning the toilet and bathrooms. The escort must be able to wash her hands with soap and towels must be available in the toilet and bathroom. In addition, these towels, just like your bedding, must be freshly washed. A little tip; Always put towels in the dryer, then they are nice and fluffy. It is best to let bedding dry outside the dryer. This prevents wrinkles in the bedding and preserves the fresh laundry scent better.

Food and drinks for your high class escort

Of course you make sure that you can offer your high class escort something tasty in terms of food and drinks. In the profile of each escort you can find what the escort prefers to eat and drink. Make sure you can offer these favorite drinks. Just a glass of water is too sparse. For a shorter booking of 2 to 4 hours, it is usually not a requirement to provide snacks or a meal, but keep in mind that your escort has already spent several hours preparing for the booking and the trip here. It is therefore advisable to offer something tasty to nibble on, even for shorter bookings. After all, feeling hungry rarely has a positive influence on libido. Spicy food, fast food and snacks are rarely appreciated, more elegant and light alternatives are a better choice. You can think of cheese, sushi, oysters or fresh fruit. For bookings with a duration of five hours or more or during regular dining times, offering a meal is mandatory.

Get in the mood

In addition to the hygiene requirements and offering something tasty to eat and drink, there are of course many other atmosphere creators. You can imagine that an escort who is cold does not like to take off her clothes for you. A temperature between 21 and 23 degrees is ideal. Naturally, any pets must be on a leash and in a separate room. Always mention this when booking, an escort with an allergy is not that sexy. Then choose a sultry music for the background, without commercial interruptions please. That is why a good playlist from a paid streaming service is a better choice than a radio station or unpaid streaming service with advertisements. Then dim the lights, close the curtains and light the candles! The evening can't go wrong now.

Discretion during your escort visit

Are you concerned about the neighbors? We completely understand that. Our escorts are not dropped off at the door by a driver. The last part is always covered on foot. Your escort will also come dressed extra discreetly. The most common option is trousers with flat shoes or a small heel, but more casual or more sexy can all be requested by you.


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