Information about longer bookings at our escortservice

Information about longer bookings at our escortservice

Requirements for escort bookings longer than 24 hours

At our high class escort service we require a minimum booking of 2 hours. However, there are many clients who prefer longer bookings, for example overnight. When a booking lasts longer than 24 hours, there are a number of additional requirements. These are mainly for the comfort and well-being of the escort, which ultimately benefits the quality of the booking. In this blog we explain a number of requirements that apply to bookings longer than 24 hours.

The escort consumes at least 3 meals per 24 hours

It is quite natural for many people to consume three meals a day. But not for everyone. The diet that someone follows is very personal and one person eats more and more often than the other. Giving an example; for one, a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast is the only remedy to wake up well, while the other does not get hungry until late in the morning. If a client is used to eating very little, it is possible that he or she does not realize that the escort is used to eating more. In order to avoid any discussion about this, our Terms and Conditions stipulate that the escort consumes at least three meals, at the expense of the client. In addition to these minimum requirements, we expect our clients to be courteous and with that in mind, we advise you to regularly check with your escort if she wants something to eat or drink.

The escort must be able to sleep undisturbed for at least 6 hours per night

Just as diet is personal, so is sleep. One sleeps three to four hours a night, the other prefers a good nine hours. A hungry escort will not improve the atmosphere, but a sleepy and tired escort most certainly does not as well. That is why it is a requirement that the high class escort can sleep undisturbed for at least six hours a night. This can be together in the same bed, spooning or "each on their own side". There are also clients who choose to offer a separate bedroom to the escort. Not everyone sleeps easily next to someone they do not know very well, so it can therefore be wise for both the escort and the client to sleep separately from each other. After a sensual and erotic evening you say goodbye to each other, and enjoy breakfast in bed again in the morning, after a refreshing shower. If you snore a lot, then a separate bedroom is also advisable. In the case of a separate bedroom, the escort can proceed with the morning ritual in privacy. After all, we all know that even the most beautiful escort also has human needs that she prefers not to share with you...

The escort is entitled to at least 2 hours of private time per day

First of all, an escort booking is ultimately the work of a high class escort and just like any other work, there is an occasional "break" required. No matter how cozy and intimate the booking may be, for both escort and client, it unconsciously requires quite some energy from the escort. In addition, work as a high class escort only complements the already active life of the escort. The escort also has a full-time study or job, vibrant social life and various hobbies and interests. In a time when it is normal to always be reachable, this will occasionally require some time and attention from the escort. For bookings shorter than 24 hours, the escort can wait until after the booking, unless of course in the event of an emergency. However, this is often not possible for bookings longer than 24 hours. Finally, there are also personal matters, from private conversations to personal grooming, where the escort wants privacy. For these matters, the escort can take some private time during your booking. This does not mean that every escort also takes this time, but if this is desired, the client must offer room for this. Experience shows that this happens very naturally, because the client often also needs a moment during which he must pay attention to work or private matters. Unless otherwise agreed, the private time of the escort part of the booking duration.