Lesbian Experience at our high end escortservice

Lesbian Experience at our high end escortservice

Your first lesbian experience with a high class escort

Lately we see receive more and more requests from bicurious ladies looking to experience their first lesbian time with an other woman, and inviting one of our high class escorts to indulge in this fantasy. At our escortservice, the Lesbian Experience has been available for many years but over the past few months we've seen an incredible increase in demand for the Lesbian Experience. The amount of lesbian female clients who book our bisexual escorts has been steady for years, we are referring to an increase of ladies looking for their very first lesbian encounter. We wonder, has this been a new year resolution for many ladies? We certainly welcome this increase, as many of our escorts are bisexual and enjoy spending time with female clients. We asked a few of our escorts to share a little about what they like so much about offering the Lesbian Experience, and a little bit of advice for ladies considering booking this service.

Why high class escort Taylor enjoys the Lesbian Experience

"What I like the most about the Lesbian Experience is that you know how the female body Works and reacts. It the way off having sex together is more with feeling and the focus on the for play. It's with more tenderness. The tip I want to give you is; be your self, you can't do anything wrong and can experience everything you want. I'm always a little bit nervous prior to the booking, and you already saw a picture, I didn't see yours. Are you in the mood for soft and sensual lovemaking? With lots of kissing and cuddling? That's possible. Just want a sensual and erotic massage, with some tantric techniques? I love that as well. But do you want to get down and dirty with lots of toys, do you want me to blindfold you and tie you up? Great! I have lots of toys to play with together. I enjoy it all, there is so much to discover!"

Why high class escort Saskia enjoys the Lesbian Experience

"What I like most about the Lesbian Experience is easy: women are fascinating in all their forms and shapes. They are the embodiment of strength and vulnerability. There is nothing like eroticism between two women. It is soft, sensual and breathtaking in a way that can’t be experienced with men. It is surprising how natural is feels even without any experience. There is so much to discover… I enjoy it every time!

Don’t think about it to much and treat yourself with an unforgettable experience with a beautiful woman. Take your time to enjoy. First go out for dinner together as this will make you feel comfortable and it is an exciting way to build up the tension. After that you can explore each other’s body step by step and learn and enjoy a lot from each other. The sky is the limit! And do trust your high class escort to know exactly what to do to let it all go smoothly."

Why high class escort Morgan enjoys the Lesbian Experience

"The best thing about this experience is the recognizability and similarities you'll find. You are both female, with same bodies, the same emotions etc. You understand each others' body language like no other and every touch and kiss feels very natural and soft. I can imagine it sounds unbelievable, but even when it is your first time with an other woman, you'll find that things go very easy and natural. Just relax and enjoy everything. As a high class escort I get to meet very different types of clients. You do not have to worry about your body being perfect, as perfection is boring and beautiful women come in all sorts of forms and shapes. A woman is at her most beautiful when she feels beautiful. Aside from that, who my favorite clients are has nothing to do with beauty, it has to do with our ability to connect and share intimate, fun and sexy moments together."