Lesbian Experience Review

An amazing review for our Lesbian Experience

We recently received such an amazing review for our Lesbian Experience, we asked the lady in question if we could share it with you. She gladly approved, luckily. The client came to The Netherlands for a one week business trip, to enjoy the company of our ladies, since expressing her lesbian sexual preferences was not legal in the country she lived in. With very little experience yet, she choose to combine our Virgin Experience and Lesbian Experience for her first booking. The review is about this booking, with a comment from the escort.

Review of our high class escortservice for lesbian clients

"Dear Marike,

I am writing this email to convey my sincerest thanks to both yourself and the escort for what I consider a life changing experience. I have been walking around for the past 2 days in a pleasant daze and I have only just regained the ability to formulate words about my experience. 

As you know, the country I live in and the job I do both do not allow me the opportunity to be openly lesbian. I have thus have not had a relationship before, much less anything physical, till now. I have been thinking about doing something like this for a very long time, and as I was planning a trip to Amsterdam for business, I decided to finally take the plunge. I consider myself somewhat of a feminist and thus I picked your company as what information I could find about it seemed to indicate that the ladies you hire really do enjoy what they do and choose this of their own free will. The many excellent reviews I found online also reflect the pride they take in their work. Therefore it was with a great deal of expectation and trepidation that I approached the day of the date with the escort. It certainly did not help that 2 hours before the appointment, my period decided to arrive - 2 weeks early! I apologize for calling you in a raging panic but I really do appreciate your professionalism and advice.

The escort was also very kind and reassuring, and her warmth and bubbliness helped to calm my nerves greatly. While she remained a lady at all times, she was also wholly herself which I truly enjoyed about her - I had been afraid that the conversation would be contrived and false, but it felt like I was getting reacquainted with an old friend instead. I usually shut down and withdraw when I am nervous, but here I never had an issue with finding words to say. Her candour and her personality are refreshing, and although her beauty is striking at first glance, these were what really fuelled my burgeoning attraction to her.

Back in the apartment after dinner, I was worried that I might lose my nerve again, but the escort was so comfortable in her own skin that I also lost my self-consciousness. The night exceeded my expectations, and I am incredibly glad I chose to change it to the overnight experience. There was plenty of time and opportunity to try new things, and I think (and hope) she enjoyed it as much as I did. Communication was certainly not an issue, and she was already ready and willing to direct my inexperience - I learnt so much from her.

As I write this, I am constantly reliving what I experienced with her and am slightly melancholic that these memories will fade with time. My palms miss the feel of her silken skin and the firm muscle underneath, and I miss just lying next to her, surrounded by her warmth and her perfume, and feeling the stirrings of desire slowly reawaken. I could do this over and over again - and I hope to find more excuses to come to the Netherlands often. I am certain you will hear from me again.

All my best to both of you"

Respons of the high class escort

Like we usually do with feedback, we forwarded it to the escort in question. Here's what she told us:

"Like the client, I felt very comfortable and had a great time. She did her very best to also make me have an amazing evening. Connecting with a woman is soft, sweet and fun. We cuddled a lot and I enjoyed teaching her some things about female sexuality. We both learned things that night and I hope she enjoyed, and of course that we will do this all over again soon. Expressing your sexuality is completely normal in The Netherlands, and I hope she, and any body else for that matter, can do the same."