Fully legal escortservice

Fully legal escortservice

A fully legal escortservice

Society Service is a fully legal escortservice. No matter what country you are from, booking an escort from our escortservice is completely legal. You are not breaking any laws and neither are the escort or Society Service.

Our address in Rotterdam

Our website only lists our postal address but that's only because, contrary to a sex club, you can not visit us as our escorts visit you. Our address however is no secret as it is listed at the Chamber of Commerce and can be easily looked up. Our company has offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam but our official address is at our Rotterdam office. Our permit was provided by the city of Rotterdam as well. Our Rotterdam office is used for the day to day activities of running our escortservice, but you can not visit us without an appointment. At our office there are no escorts present so unless you fancy checking out our accountant or SEO specialist, there's not much to be seen there.

Taxes at our escortservice

Yes, we pay taxes just like any other company. In The Netherlands, most goods and services, including our escortservice are subject to 21% VAT. From what's left, a part goes to our escortservice and a part goes to the escort. The escorts are not on our payroll but are not completely independent either. It's a system that's called "Opting-in", which is not used often but is very suitable for this industry. The escort remains independent enough to decide who, what, where, etc. but our escortservice takes care of all the administrative hassle such as paying her taxes. Her income is subject to personal income tax (around 37%) and care insurance premium (around 5%). What's left is her net income. We will provide her with her monthly and annual statements. Easy as that. From the part you pay that goes to our escortservice, expenses are deducted and the remaining profits are subject to 21% corporate taxes. The rate you pay includes all these taxes. So if you pay euro 100 and it would all be for the escort, she would be left with a net amount of euro 60. With that in mind, our rates aren't that bad, now are they? In case you want to provide a tip to the escort, this is between you and the escort. We, or the tax authorities, have nothing to do with it.

Invoices and bank payments

To prevent fraud and to protect your privacy, it is not possible to receive an invoice when you use our services as a private person. Remember that booking an escort is a private expense and not a deductible business expense. An invoice is issued when we provide services to a company and these are also purchased by the company. We then provide a business service, such as when you hire a company to entertain your (international) clientele or when this company is part of a business event.

Society Service accepts payments via bank transfer. To prevent trade-based money laundering (TBML) and other possible criminal activities, we are obligated to investigate the origin of bank payments if they originate from a bank account with a different account holder name than the client. We may therefore ask you to provide evidence that you are authorized to execute the transaction and that you are the ultimate beneficial owner of the account. This proof must be submitted before the commencement of the booking and approved by us.

Minimum age requirements

Dutch law is currently changing in regards to the legal age to work as an escort. The legal age from when a lady could be an escort is changing from 18 to 21. At our escortservice, all escorts and clients must be at least 21 years of age.

Illegal activities during bookings

As clearly stated on our website, our escorts offer safe sex only. This includes safe oral sex. Asking for unsafe sex of any kind, or offering it is illegal. We will not get into a discussion on this subject and neither will the escort. When asking us on the phone, we will terminate the phone call but when asking the escort during your booking, chances are she will terminate the booking. If uncovered oral massage is a priority to you, please contact an alternative escortservice.

Alcohol and certain softdrugs, such as marihuana are legal in The Netherlands. Most escorts will not have a problem with you consuming either, in moderation, and will usually join you for a nice glass of wine or champagne. Using harddrugs however is not legal. Please refrain from using them during or before your booking. Our escorts are instructed to leave the booking when a client is under the influence of illegal drugs or large amounts of alcohol.