A cozy and intimate escort experience

A cozy and intimate escort experience

Cozy evening with your high class escort?

We can imagine that when booking a high class escort from Society Service, you do not necessarily want to spend the evening in a luxury restaurant, trendy cocktail bar and so on. A cozy night on the couch can be just as great! Lively entwined in each other's arms, enjoying the ambiance, relaxation and of course each other.

Such a cozy evening with the two of you can take many different forms, whatever you want, the choice is completely up to you. Can you nonetheless still use some tips? Then read on. Below we describe five elements which we believe will all contribute to a wonderful cozy evening with a high class escort from Society Service!

Cozy location with luxury

The first question you need to answer is: where will the cozy evening take place? Do you opt for a luxury suite in a five-star hotel or a cottage in a beautiful country retreat? Everything is possible, as long as the locations meets our requirements. As far as the demands of the cozy evening are concerned, it is important the location of your choice is comfortable, and there is a luxurious couch you would never want to leave again. This seat is, after all, the domain where you and the dazzling escort will spend an evening together. However, only until the moment has arrived to return to the bedroom together.

Wining and dining with the escort

During your cozy evening you also want to be able to enjoy the necessary refreshments. If you are staying in a luxury hotel you can order room service, including oysters and an excellent bottle of Champagne. Does the evening take place elsewhere, for example at your home or in a distinguished country house? Then you can have a caterer prepare a feast or even order two delicious Italian pizzas, why not?

Ambiance during your escort booking

During a cozy evening with an escort, ambiance is of course very important. Dim the lights, light a few candles and put on some sexy background music. Do you have a fireplace? This is the perfect moment to light it as it is incredibly romantic and by far the best way to light up the fire between you and the escort.

Watch a movie with the escort

Once you've gotten to know each other a little better, it's a good time to grab a big bowl of popcorn and put on a movie. Although it is very questionable whether you will be able to watch the entire movie without being distracted. The high class escorts from Society Service are so dazzlingly beautiful. It will be difficult to focus on something else. In general, romantic comedies always do well during cozy evenings. The same applies to thrillers. The more exciting, the better! The high class escort wil crawl up against you.

Intimacy with a luxury escort

During your cozy evening, it's all about cosiness, comfort, relaxation and not to forget intimacy. The time you spend together will include cuddling, kissing each other, sharing massages, whatever you both feel comfortable with and enjoy. A cozy evening on the couch is also the perfect prelude to what will happen in the bedroom later that evening. You have gotten to know each other in such a lovely way that mutual trust has been installed. This fact will certainly benefit the eroticism!