If you have a (mild) intellectual disability

If you have a (mild) intellectual disability

You cannot book with our escortservice if you have a (mild) intellectual disability

Every client is welcome at our high class escort service, on the condition that he or she is at least 21 years old. But what if the client is actually 21 years of age or older, but due to a (mild) intellectual disability has the thinking ability of a person younger than 21? Then unfortunately this person cannot use the services of our high class escortservice.

We recently spoke by telephone with a friendly young man who indicated that he had a (mild) intellectual disability. He did not understand why he could not book with us, after all he was also allowed to drive a car. A good question, to which the answer is less simple than you might think at first sight. The last thing we want is to generalize or discriminate, so we will explain this choice in more detail. We hope for your understanding with this explanation.

You must be at least 21 years to work as an escort

Our high class escort service is located in Rotterdam and this municipality has also issued our permit. The condition of this permit is that all escorts must be at least 21 years old. From this age onwards, the Municipality of Rotterdam asserts that someone is able to make the well-considered decision to work as an escort and can oversee the consequences of this choice. We follow this decision of the municipality of Rotterdam and therefore require a minimum age of 21 years to be able to use our services. We therefore assume that working as an escort and using the services of an escort require the same from a person.

The safety of our escorts is our priority

As with many other decisions we make, the safety and comfort of our escorts is our priority. Once again; we do not want to generalize, but in medical science a number of characteristics are linked to people with a (mild) intellectual disability, which pose a possible risk to our high class escorts. Some examples of these traits include difficulty controlling certain feelings, including anger and aggression, and anti-social behavior such as breaking rules and pushing boundaries. It is not said that these traits occur in every person with a (mild) intellectual disability, but the chance is significantly greater and that is a risk that we do not want to take. For the same reason, for example, clients under the influence of drugs and large amounts of alcohol are also refused. Here too there is an increased risk of such reactions.

Communication is important with a high class escort

A high class escort is not only booked for erotic entertainment, the social aspect of a booking is just as important. The escorts who work at Society Service really enjoy getting to know clients better and are very skilled conversationalists. During the social aspect of the booking, there is a slow built up to a more intimate setting. By first getting to know each other better, this process feels very natural for both the escort and the client. For people with a (mild) intellectual disability, social skills often lag behind what one would expect from someone of a certain age. The escort is therefore more likely to be in a position of babysitter, caregiver or mentor, which results in very different dynamics. These dynamics will feel so uncomfortable for the escort that a more intimate and erotic atmosphere will go against the will of the escort.

To protect the person with the (mild) intellectual disability

We have already discussed the traits associated with persons with a (mild) intellectual disability and how these pose a possible risk to the escort. However, there are also characteristics that pose a potential risk for the person with the (mild) intellectual disability. Insight into one's own finances and responsible spending can be a problem. It is therefore possible that someone makes an expense with our escort service which is not responsible. This can also cause legal problems if someone turns out not to be legally incompetent. Contact with a high class escort can be quite addictive for clients, it is after all a very pleasant pastime. A person with (mild) intellectual disabilities may have more difficulty dealing with them sensibly. We also try to protect these vulnerabilities by deciding not to accept such clients.


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