If you have a visual impairment

If you have a visual impairment

A booking at our escortservice with a visual impairment

Recently we received the compliment that the Society Service website is also very accessible to people with a visual impairment. Apparently, our high class escorts are easily found. We must say, we really liked to hear that! We think it’s of great importance that everyone can finally find the escort that fulfil their wishes. Can you still use some help? Do not hesitate and contact us. We like to advise you during your search for the escort of your dreams. Our high class escortservice is also available for persons with a visual impairment, such as fully blind or merely impaired and anything in between.

Matchmaking at our escortservice

For Society Service, it's of great importance we meet the wishes of both our clients and our escorts. How we do this? By thinking along with our clients, and create bookings based on their desires, combined with the preferences of the escorts. After all, we know our high class escorts best. The goal when making a match, is to create a fantastic experience for both the client and the escort. When we look at the preferences of the client, these can be simple preferences in terms of appearance, such as a certain body type or hair colour. We can also consider specific characteristics, erotic preferences, the previous matches of the client and often a combination of all this. The more the client shares about him (or her)self, about what the client likes and dislikes, the easier it will be for us to make an incredible match. Clients can use our matchmaking form, the filter options at the escort overview page, but can also call or email us for some personal advice for selecting the best escort. We gladly discuss our portfolio until you feel you have found exactly what you want. The escort you are looking to spend an unforgettable evening with!

Matchmaking for clients with a visual impairment

When a person with a visual impairment is looking for the best escort, with current software this person can still navigate our website. The software will read the contents of the website out loud, and can list the profile of each escort to the client. However, for many clients, the appearance of the escort is an important aspect, which is catered to differently when it concerns a client with a visual impairment. Aspects such as the feeling of skin, the sound of the voice, the scent of a person, aspects relating the other senses are usually of greater importance. Even though audio fragments of our escorts are not available due to discretion reasons, we do believe we are very capable of amazing matchmaking with these clients as well. It concerns a very intuitive type of matchmaking, often resulting in an amazing experience for both the escort and client. Needless to say, we take into consideration the escort is comfortable with a client with a visual impairment, to avoid any unnecessary tension. During a recent booking with a client with visual impairment, the high class escort described the experience as "tantric", "sensitive" and "utterly erotic and sensual". A great match in short!

Are you visually impaired? Blind, impaired, or anything in between? We will provide excellent matchmaking advice for you too!