If you have a hearing impairment

If you have a hearing impairment

A booking at our escortservice with a hearing impairment

In our previous blog we already explained how we find a suitable high class escort for clients with a visual impairment, like blind or merely impaired. However, clients with a hearing impairment, such as deaf or merely impaired, can also book a high class escort at our escortservice. For those clients too, we are very capable of making an excellent match, making sure both the escort and the client have a great time together. So are you hearing impaired? Deaf, merely impaired or anything in between? For you too we can provide excellent matchmaking advice!

Matchmaking at our escortservice for persons with a hearing impairment

The matchmaking process for persons with a hearing impairment is very similar to the matchmaking process for clients without this impairment. We discuss the desires of the client, in terms of appearance, character, erotic preferences and any other likes and dislikes and then see which escorts match these preferences. When selecting the most suitable escort, we take into consideration how comfortable the escort will feel and is capable to communicate in different ways with the client. Communication is of great importance during bookings, but can be different for each person with a hearing impairment. Some clients who are deaf or hearing impaired can read lips and speak understandably, others not at all. Some speak sign language and every now and then the high class escort does so as well. Other times, communication is done via writing. For some escorts this will not make any difference. Other escorts think it is extra exciting and extra fun. But there are also escorts who will feel uncomfortable and are afraid they will have difficulties connecting with the client. These are all things we take into consideration when matching a client with a hearing impairment.

Why matchmaking is so important for both the escort and the client

At our high class escort we strive to offer a special experience, not to merely offer a simple (sexual) service. To increase the chances of such a special experience taking place, it is important to know a little bit more about the persons we are matching to each other. We have gone through an elaborate recruitment procedure with the escort, and have been working together for a while, so we have already gotten to know the escort. We know which type of client she is most capable to offer this special experience. Her pleasure is of essential importance in this matter. When a client takes the time and trouble to share a little bit more about himself, about likes and dislikes, we get to know the client a little bit better as well. Only then are we able to make a proper match, which greatly increases chances for a truly special experience. So, the client benefits from investing a little time and trouble. Good matchmaking goes beyond selecting an escort based on specific (appearance) preferences. Having said that; the profiles of our escorts include an elaborate description of the character of the escort. By making a first selection based on appearance, and then narrowing down the options by selecting based on the character description has proven to be a successful method to find your match as well.