High end escort Faye from Utrecht

High end escort Faye from Utrecht

Faye tells us about her very first international booking

Every month we introduce a few new ladies to our high end escortservice. The total application process takes approximately three months to complete, but Faye's patience was challenged. Due to COVID-19 it took almost half a year from her very first application with us up to her first bookings. But boy o boy was it worth the wait. Faye very much enjoys her first experiences as a high end escort and was invited for her very first international booking not long after. An amazing adventure, which she enjoyed to the fullest, and according to the client, that was completely mutual. Faye is looking forward to many more adventures, in the Netherlands or at an international destination.

The very first international booking of escort Faye from Utrecht

"It is Thursday evening when I am writing this. I just got home and can hardly believe what I’ve experienced in the past 24 hours. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a new notification on my phone; an international booking. I could not believe it as I had my first booking not that long ago. I checked my availability and accepted the booking. Shortly after, more information became available: the location, flight tickets and hotel. 

On the day itself, I am surprisingly calm. Everything is prepared and I am ready to go. I love flying and travelling, so I am mostly excited. Once arrived in the country of destination, I grab a taxi to the hotel. As you read on, you will understand why I look back at this situation and chuckle. The location of the hotel is beautiful. The view includes a large lake and at the horizon you can see the mountains. The hotel staff treats me like a queen and everything is perfectly taken care of. I have some time to relax and take in the view, after that it’s time to get ready for the booking in my own hotelroom. He requested an outfit that would not raise suspicion. I have chosen to go for the look of a young professional. 

Once together with the client, the atmosphere is relaxed immediately. He is very easy to talk to and I make sure I am too. He travels a lot and has seen a lot of the world. He talks about his life, his hobbies and his knowledge; I am all ears. He is also very interested in me and we decide to head to the restaurant. Time seems to rush by, as we share our food, stories and experiences. After a while, we decide to go back to the hotel room. I wonder how on earth I managed to get the atmosphere this relaxed, because now it almost seems like a challenge to create sexual tension. I need to come up with a plan. I ask if it’s okay if I go to my room and come back in 5 minutes. He looks at me, smiling and curious. Arrived in my room, I decide to change clothes and hope to create a sexier vibe. From young professional in smart trousers, I transform myself into total babe by wearing a tight, elegant, black dress and high heels. He opens the door and I can see in his eyes that he is pleasantly surprised. We decide to get the bath ready. 

I feel like a Bond girl with my black outfit and sunglasses on this beautiful boat. Mysterious, elegant and… on top of the world. 

As much as we talked during dinner, as silent we are now. Our eyes meet when we explore each other’s bodies. I like the way he looks, and I can tell he thinks the same of me. I playfully walk across the room, when he grabs my waist, pulls me towards him and kisses me. The silence makes the sexual tension immense. Our body language says it all. He caresses me and visibly enjoys it. While he is touching my body, I softly kiss his neck and bite his ear. It is amazing how respectful he is towards my body, how he enjoys and admires it. “I love how you explore my body’’, I say. I don’t think I have to go into detail about the sex itself. With foreplay like this, it is no surprise that the sex was out of this world. 

We lie on the bed and we’re both surprised when we find out what time it is. You know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun! He prefers sleeping alone, so I ask him if he wants to have breakfast together. We fill in the breakfast form and agree on a time to meet the next morning. Breakfast will be served in his room. 

The next morning, we have breakfast together and we talk about our plans for the day. Our time is almost up and we both have a flight to catch that day: I’m going home, and he is leaving for his next destination for work. I tell him that I have some time to explore the city and we look up some museums and sightseeing on the internet. It is time to say goodbye. I thank him for the wonderful experience and that I could not have wished for a better first international booking. He is thankful that I was willing to spend my time with him and took the effort to come his way. 

I pack my suitcase and check out at the hotel. I ask the kind sir at the hotel desk if he could call me a cab, but he suggests taking the boat to the city center. I can’t believe what I’m hearing: the hotel has a boat? This sounds amazing. I walk to the lake, where a beautiful, Riva-like boat is waiting for me. The captain brings me to the center of town, speeding up more and more. When I see people on other boats staring at me curiously, I chuckle. I feel like a Bond girl with my black outfit and sunglasses on this beautiful boat. Mysterious, elegant and… on top of the world."


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