High class TV series about escorts and callgirls

High class TV series about escorts and callgirls

High class TV series about high class escorts

The lifestyle of a high class escort or gigolo from Society Service is not very ordinary. Our female and male escorts dine in the best restaurants, spend the night in the most beautiful hotels and meet the most interesting people worldwide. Yet being a high class escort is reserved for only a few of us. You should be beautiful, smart, sophisticated, and enjoy new adventures. However, looking at the number of TV series made on the subject, it indicates that many people are curious about this mysterious lifestyle full of glitter and glamor. But which of these TV series are actually worth it? We made a list.

The Girlfriend Experience

A well received serie by both critics and viewers is The Girlfriend Experience. It tells the story about a promising law student, doing an internship at an authoritative law firm. Since this job does not pay the rent, one day her girlfriend suggests to earn some money under a pseudonym by offering the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). After a difficult start, she gets a taste for it and moves to a beautiful apartment in no time. For a moment she seems to have made the best choice of her life, but like many tv shows a bit or drama is necessary to keep things interesting, so over time the shadow sides of her new life force themselves on her.

Secret Diary of a call girl

The Secret Diary of a Call girl series is set in the heart of London and revolves around the life of Hannah Baxter (Billie Piper), an apparently normal young beautiful woman. Yet this young woman is by no means an average girl-next-door. She has a double life. She secretly leads a life as a call girl, under the pseudonym Belle. The series focuses on her professional and private life and all complications when these both worlds clash.

Diary of a call girl

Although the drama series is based on the English hit series Secret Diary or a Call girl, we also have a Dutch drama series about the life of a high class escort, called Diary of a Call Girl. The series, however, does not take place in London, but in Amsterdam and tells the story of the life of an apparently very normal young woman, who secretly leads a double life as a call girl. Just like the English version, her private life comes into conflict with her business life, with all its consequences.

Meisje van Plezier

Another series about the life of high class escort from Dutch soil, starring the beautiful actress Angela Schijf. Meisje van Plezier was broadcast on RTL 4 in 2017 and turned out to be a true hit. The excellent ratings prove that stories about high class escorts are hot, with the result that new recordings have already been made of this Dutch-language TV series.