High class movies about escorts and callgirls

High class movies about escorts and callgirls

High class movies about high class escorts

In our previous blog we already wrote that makers of TV series like to be inspired by the wonderful lifestyle of a gigolo or high class escort, such as that of Society Service. After all, in the lives of our female and male escorts, no day is the same. One day they dine in a five-star restaurant in the Maldives, while the next day they have a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Boyfriend Experience (BFE) with a celebrity. It is therefore not surprising that in addition to TV series, numerous films have been made on the subject. In fact, over the years a whole series of films has been made that reflects the life of a high class escort. A top five!

The Escort

The American romantic comedy drama The Escort tells the story of a sexually obsessed journalist, who persuades a high class escort to let him follow him for an article. In principle, the escort allows him hesitantly into her life, but in the end she sees an advantage of his presence. Without the knowledge of the journalist, she uses him as a bodyguard to protect her from the various men she meets at night for her work.


In the movie Chloe, the doctor, who is played by famous actress Julianne Moore, suspects her husband (Liam Neeson) is cheating her. To catch her husband in the act, she decides to hire the irresistible high class escort, named by Chloe.

Jeune et Jolie

In the coming-of-age drama Jeune et Jolie, 17-year-old Isabelle decides to lose her virginity to a beautiful German boy during a summer vacation with her parents in the south of France. The experience leaves her unsatisfied. To find her satisfaction she decides to meet men in the role as a high class escort.

The Girlfriend Experience

The film The Girlfriend Experience, which was later turned into a hit series, tells the story of a high class escort who works in Manhattan for a lot of money. She is not only paid for sex, but also plays the role of a perfect friend during the meetings. However, when she receives an offer to increase her market value and , against her rules, she meets a client who has never been with an escort, she has to make important choices.

American Gigolo

In the American crime drama American Gigolo Richard Gere plays an expensive-paid male escort. If he is regarded as the main suspect of a murder, he has no alibi, since he is not allowed to say that he had a secret date with a customer at the time of the murder. To exonerate himself, he decides to look for the perpetrator himself.