Escort series in on (Dutch) television

Escort series in on (Dutch) television

Television series about high class escort

The subject of "high class escort" certainly speaks to the imagination for many. It is therefore logical that many television series have already been made on the subject of high class escort. We discussed the most famous series about high class escort before, but with the arrival of a new series it seemed time for an update. In this blog we discuss the most famous series that are also available in the Netherlands, and especially how truthful these are. For ladies and gentlemen who are considering working as a high class escort, this can be an accessible way to get more information.


The most recent series is Keizervrouwen (translation: Emperors women), which has been broadcast since 2019. Keizervrouwen takes place in a world of drugs and escort in Amsterdam and Antwerp. Xandra is a housewife, but helps out at an escort event, which draws her back into the escort business, which is a world she left behind years ago. Soon she must lead a dangerous double life. The makers of the series indicate that the storyline is fictional, but that events are strongly based on true stories. After watching a number of episodes of this series, this series seems to be mainly about drugs and crime, and it has little to do with the actual work of a high class escort. In our opinion, this series is perhaps very entertaining, but not a good source for potential high class escorts.

Dagboek van een callgirl

Dagboek van een Callgirl is a Dutch television series from 2015. The series is about Anna who, as Jolie, leads a double life as a callgirl in Amsterdam and describes what the world of an escort looks like. The series is the Dutch version of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl", which is a British television series from 2007 that was broadcast until 2011. This series is based on the blog and books of the pseudonym Belle de Jour. The series is set in London and revolves around the life of Hannah Baxter (Billie Piper), a seemingly normal young woman who leads a secret life as a callgirl, under the pseudonym Belle. The series focuses on her professional and private life and the complications during the collision. Both the Dutch and British series are indeed romanticized, but in our opinion they give the most realistic representation of what it is like to work as a high class escort.

Meisje van plezier

Meisje van plezier (translation: lady of pleasure) is a Dutch drama series from 2017. The series is about housewife Nadine, who, after finding out her husband cheated on her, regains her independence by starting as a high class escort girl. For the caring, yet lively Nadine, everything has always been about her family. Behind the facade of dependence, however, lies a powerful woman with a huge hunger for life, which is revealed by her work as a high class escort. Although the bookings of high class escort Nadine somewhat resemble reality, everything around it is very dramatized. In one of the first episodes you can already see that the mediator of escort Nadine comes to her home and threatened her, something that is unthinkable at the various legal high class escort agencies that can be found in the Netherlands.

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is an American television series from 2016. The first season is about Christine Reade, a trainee law student who also works as a high-end escort. The series was renewed in the second season, focusing on new characters and storylines. At first glance, the series seems to be mainly about the work of high class escorts, and gives a fairly realistic representation of this. In reality, however, the series is about the power of female sexuality and the ability to fully utilize and enjoy it. The series contains many erotic scenes and nude, which is beautifully portrayed.