High class experience

What makes a High Class Escort 'high class'?

Society Service provides a ‘High Class’ service. We would like to explain to you why that is not an empty word. There are lot of differences between a real high class escort service like Society Service, and more regular escort services and private clubs for instance. We will go into some specifics. And if you’re still in doubt after reading all this, we can only advise you to make the decision and call us to book one of our beautiful high class escorts. When you finally had that wonderful experience, you can’t imagine that you ever were in doubt.

Intimacy and romance with an escort

We are always talking about an ‘experience’, because it realy ís an experience. You don’t book a high class escort with us if you are only looking for a quick relief. For something like that, there are number of other possibilities. For instance the already mentioned private clubs, where you can spend time with a lady for half an hour or an hour or so. That can be perfect if you like for a quick afternoon break, but that is not the kind of experience Society Service provides to you. Wham-bam-thank you ma’m is not the way our high class escort like to operate, no, they are really interested in you and really do care. None of the ladies is a die hard professional, in a way that they are financially dependent on Society Service. We would like to emphasize that our ladies want to have a good time too and we will take care that their activities will never become a routine. The high class escorts of Society Service are ‘High Class’ in every possible way: they are well educated, speak their languages, are interested in a variety of subjects and yes, of course they really know what to do between the sheets. Mainly because they love what they do!

Being with a high class escort is an unforgettable experience

That benefits you of course; this so called ‘girlfriend experience’ is what makes the experience so special. Of course a date with a Society Service escort will cost you more than when you go to a regular escort service. Isn’t dining in a three star restaurant also more expensive than having a bite in the bistro around the corner? But does that make the experience ‘expensive’? No, value for money of course. When you go to a Michelin-starred restaurant, ‘experience’ is part of the deal, sometimes it is almost like going to a theatre. You enjoy an atmosphere you can never create at home. Well, it’s exactly the same with a high class escort. She will guide you through a kind of dream world – but the thing is: everything you experience is real…

Prelude for an amazing night

The best prelude for an amazing night is an evening with one of our high class escorts. You can be seen with our ladies and nobody will ever guess that you paid for such lovely company. You can laugh with them, kiss, cuddle, drink a glass (Champagne of course), dine, go to a reception… As you see, the experience is so much more than just one hour of plain sex. As we already mentioned: you can eat a burger or spend the evening in a restaurant with a star. Our high class escorts will show you the stars!