The very best high class escortservice

The very best high class escortservice

Why, according to a client, we are the very best escortservice

Following our earlier blog about a series of fake reviews about our high class escortservice, we received heartwarming messages from our clients. Where possible, many try to think along and help and we can appreciate the intention alone.

One of the clients sent us a message to tell us why Society Service is the very best high class escort service for him, asking us to post it in our blog. We are of course happy to do that!

Why Society Service is the best escort service for me

"As I once did, you may be wondering: why should I book a high class escort from Society Service and why not go for another escortservice, for example? Well, the answer to this is crystal clear; the escorts are simply the best and stand out, but that's just my opinion. I'd love to share a bit more about what's in store for you once you book one of these top ladies!

The escorts are fun and social

When I first booked a high class escort I was a bit worried that she would be out of my league. Was I fancy enough to be in her company? All escorts are unique and the connection is better with one than with the other, but they do have some things in common; all escorts are of course attractive and sexy but also well-mannered, pleasant to deal with and adapt effortlessly. I've had conversations on the most diverse topics and sometimes laughed so hard that tears dangled down my face.

Fun outside the bedroom

I think my biggest misconception was that the whole "the social aspect is just as important" was a marketing gimmick. That turns out not to be the case. Against all odds, I enjoy that social aspect as much as I enjoy the sex. I like to take undertake something fun during bookings and then tailor it to the escort. I went to a cocktail bar, restaurants, comedy club, to the movies, sauna and a day of shopping. Time after time, the escort was perfect company and I still enjoy building up the tension.

Fun within the bedroom

The obvious; It is also wonderful to stay in the bedroom with the escorts from Society Service. Advanced yoga is not my idea of a good time together so the Kamasutra can be left at home. But I like to try something new from time to time. The escorts I spent time with liked to experiment with me, because my plans are sometimes new to them too. I enjoy the standard Girlfriend Experience the most. For a moment I forget that envelope I handed over earlier in the evening and enjoy sex that no mistress can ever match.

Professionalism and reliability

I have enough experience with (high class) escorts to know that every agency has some nice ladies. The ladies at Society Service are ultimately more my cup of tea and that is thanks to the matchmaker behind the company: Marike. She feels flawlessly which ladies suit me best. My e-mails are answered very quickly and the sometimes frank answer is always honest. I now blindly trust her reliability, professionalism and integrity and appreciate how she puts the interests of the escort ladies first. Thank you Marike!"