High class escort Maxime from The Hague

High class escort Maxime from The Hague

A little more about high class escort Maxime

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our outgoing and intelligent high class escort Maxime, who will tell you a little bit more about a Virgin Experience booking. The Virgin Experience is a special service at our high class escortservice, for clients that have very little to no experience with sexuality. High class escort Maxime is a very suitable escort for this type of booking, due to her outgoing and extrovert personality. She has the talent to make everybody feel at ease and relax in her company.

Virgin Experience with intelligent GFE escort Maxime

“Today I am getting ready for a Virgin Experience. This date will take place at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. Prepared with my bag, nice elegant but subtle dress for dinner and sexy lingerie for in the evening I leave my house to go to Amsterdam. I like it when I get requests for a specific type of clothing. I do my very best, with pleasure, to look as great and beautiful as requested.

After taking one last look in the mirror, I am excited to meet you. The door opens. It is always a surprise and exciting (also for me) what the first moment of seeing you will be like. We make ourselves comfortable in the beautiful apartment, where we will stay for the night. I can tell that you have some tense and it is all a little overwhelming for you. Perfectly understandable, it is still an unknown situation. We sit down on the couch to have a drink. After an hour, we decide to get our coats and we order a taxi to go to the restaurant for a romantic dinner. You choose a Japanese restaurant for tonight, fantastic choice I love it! During the taxi ride, I tell you a little bit more about the sights in Amsterdam, fun facts and personal experiences.

The restaurant of your choice is outstanding, great location, great service and wonderful seats near the window, which offers a great view. We get to know each other a little better, while enjoying fine cuisine. When we have our first toast, I can tell you are more relaxed and we discover many common interests. In addition, we seem to share the same type of humor and chat about our daily life.

Back at the Amsterdam location I run a hot bath. I am aware that this can be very exciting yet uncomfortable for you. You get a little bit more quiet, and tell me you don’t know what you should do. I tell you everything is going to be allright and will feel very natural. We have all the time we need. Slowly, we undress each other and plunge into the bath. The bath is full of warm scented water, the bathroom is lighted by candles and we have wonderful music in the background. While enjoying the warm water and romantic setting we discover each other's bodies and getting to know each other a bit better step by step.

The bath relaxes us and when I feel the moment is right, I invite you into the bedroom. We lay down on the bed and look deep into each other’s eyes. We touch and kiss and discover each other everywhere. You get excited and I see how you are enjoying yourself. You are relaxed, comfortable and indicate that you are ready. Ready for the next step. I told you... everything was going to be allright."

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