High class escort Lilly from Amsterdam

High class escort Lilly from Amsterdam

A little more about high class escort Lilly

Every now and then we ask one of our high class escorts to answer a few personal questions and tell them a little bit more about themselves. Read a little bit more about our slim and elegant high class escort Lilly from Amsterdam, who will tell you a little bit more about her curiosity towards fetish and BDSM.

High class escort Lilly is more mature but with a gorgeous slim body, who enjoys using her creativity in many ways, including in the bedroom. When she brought some sexy fetish outfits to our most recent photoshoot, we explained how these outfits would most likely attract more fetish and BDSM related bookings as well. Well, that was only a delight to Lilly so we asked her to share a bit more about her kinky experiences as a high class escort. She is based in Amsterdam, but Lilly is also available in other cities of The Netherlands, such as Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Fetish, fantasy and BDSM with high class Lilly from Amsterdam

"I was curious about BDSM long before I joined Society Service. Seduced by the thin line between pain and pleasure and the creativity and intensity of playing with power, I knew this world would fit me like a glove. And yet, much to my disappointment, I hadn’t had much experience outside a few little spanks and the occasional handcuffing. My new lifestyle would change that in no time at all. 

Of course, my first ‘extraordinary’ booking filled me with butterflies, but there was no time for nerves: I had a date in an hour and a half! I pulled a black leather pencil skirt, a chic see-through blouse, and a kinky lingerie set out of my closet. Smoky eyes, blood-red lips, and a pair of high heels completed the look. Once at my submissive, we had both good conversation and connection. Not too different from a successful first date, except for the fact that here we were very openly discussing our desires and boundaries in the game we would soon be playing. And, knowing that this polite and equitable atmosphere would soon belong to the past, we enjoyed our glass of wine with growing anticipation.

A few weeks earlier, I had participated in a Society Service BDSM beginner course hosted by two experts in the field. Aside from some all-important practical details, such as useful tools and safe words, we focused on the delicious psychology of power play: the pleasures, tensions, and sensations of both total submission and total domination. Practicing with a fellow escort, I felt a wave of excitement in both roles and was eager to experiment even further.

So here I was, full of desire to enter the bedroom where my submissive was —as we had agreed— awaiting my arrival on his knees. As soon as I entered, I was in my role. I had the power. He would do everything I demanded and I was responsible for his wellbeing. I decided whether to punish or to reward, as well as how it was to be done. It was up to me what pleasure and pain he deserved and —most of all— when he would be allowed to come. We played our roles for an hour and a half, both clearly enjoying the game. And of course, he addressed me as ‘mistress’ and kept his eyes averted the entire time. Although there was just one little exception: a brief moment when our eyes locked across the mirror. I whispered in his ear ‘come’ and he followed my command.

Ever since this successful first experience, I very much look forward to my BDSM bookings. Every experience is different and every time my role also changes. I love using my creativity in the game, discovering new ways of building tension and surrendering to the release. Perhaps you’ll join me sometime?"