High class escort Iris from Rotterdam

High class escort Iris from Rotterdam

A little bit more about high class escort Iris

Occasionally we ask a high class escort to answer some personal questions or to tell something more about themselves. This time we asked high class escort Iris, who lives in Rotterdam. Iris is a very intelligent, elegant and feminine blonde. Because of her sweet and calm character, gentle nature and genuine interest in you, Iris is easy going and perfect company for a longer romantic booking. She talks a bit more about her perfect booking in Rotterdam, a city that is close to her heart and she is happy to show it to you during a booking with our escortservice.

Discover Rotterdam with high class escort Iris

"Long dinnerdates and romantic nights in luxury hotels are amazing, but there is also something else I’d really like to do. It is my dream to discover my city of Rotterdam together with you and to experience an amazing day together. During my time at Society Service I have noticed that Rotterdam is not the most popular city for dates, but I would like to show you that this city has a lot to offer. Although it might not feel like the most romantic city at first sight, Rotterdam has its own exciting character and we will surely have an amazing day in this port city at the Maas. When I close my eyes and think about our date, it looks something like this…

In the morning we wake up separately. We are a little bit nervous, because we are so extremely curious about the day ahead of us and the company we will spend the day with. We get ready and leave for the place where we will meet for the very first time. What will you look like? How will you smell? Will we have a good connection? So many questions come to mind, but we will have to wait and see. However, at the moment we first meet we know for sure: this will be a day to remember.

Together we go to the place where we start our day of exploring with a delicious and extensive brunch. While enjoying eggs, croissants and jus d’orange we start to get to know each other a little better. I will also tell you a little bit more about Rotterdam and I will explain why life in this urban city is never dull and extremely interesting. We make concrete plans for the rest of the day and then we are ready to start exploring. 

After brunch we go into town. We take a long walk along the most interesting sights and along the river Maas. We experience that Rotterdam is a bustling and diverse city where there is so much to see. After a while we choose a cosy place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbly. It is amazing to be able to share all these impressions of the city with you. Then it is time for our next destination. Rotterdam has many interesting museums: we can delve into the history of Rotterdam, the architecture or the most beautiful art. We choose one of the museums and start enjoying this cultural activity together. 

After the walk and the museum visit we will be hungry for sure. Fortunately it is already time to go for an amazing and long dinner. You have made a reservation at one of the best restaurants of Rotterdam, which means we will enjoy the most special dishes while enjoying a good glass of wine. All relaxed we will enjoy our evening, because during the nice day we have spent together we have created an incredible connection. After dinner we go to our wonderful river view hotel room. After this fun day of enjoying Rotterdam the time has come to enjoy each other… in the sauna, the bubble bath and in bed. What a perfect ending to an amazing day. 

The next morning we wake up feeling satisfied and with a huge smile on our faces. How wonderful it is to wake up next to you and to be able to slowly start our day together. We have breakfast together at the hotel and then we give each other one last kiss. We both go our own way, but our thoughts are already at our next date…" 

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