The Greek goddesses at our escortservice, part 2

The Greek goddesses at our escortservice, part 2

Part two Greek mythology at our high class escortservice

In our previous blog one of our dearest clients already introduced some of our high class escorts as Greek goddesses. In this blog the latest escorts are discussed. We are curious which Greek goddess you would like to spend more time with!

Finally, if you are reading this blog, we would also like to wish you a very happy holiday season. We do our best to be available during the holidays as you are used to from us, but unfortunately setting up bookings for the same day is not possible on 24, 25, 26 and 31 December.

Escort Jane is goddess Hera

Vera, roman name Juno: queen of the gods, goddess of everything feminine, of childbirth, marriage. She is described as one of the most beautiful goddesses on Mount Olympus. According to the myth, the Milky Way emerged from her breast after the baby Heracles sucked too hard on her breast. In addition to being the wife of Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, Hera was also busy with the extramarital relations of Mr. She could be a little Jealous, and get rid of Zeus' mistresses. She is seen as one of the most beautiful goddesses, but with a very dominant, strong character.

This cannot be other than high class escort Jane. The queen of the party, naturally she demands all the attention in a group. She certainly does not do this consciously, but her unprecedented beauty and strong character make this happen automatically. In her presence you feel the leadership she takes, she reveals her beauty in a royal way. No doubt that something as beautiful as the Milky Way originated from her beautiful breasts, she does not turn a hand (or, in this story, not a breast) for that.

In her company you feel completely claimed, like a jealous mistress who only wants you for herself. And only if she allows it will she share you with others. Zeus was stupid to ever look after other women. With Jane close to you you will definitely feel like the king of the gods, with the power she gives you you can rule over all other gods. And in bed the lightning bolts shoot around your ears.

Escort Dalia is goddess Demeter

Demeter, Roman name Ceres: Goddess of fertility and the harvest, she ensures that everything grows and is Goddess of agriculture. As the goddess of fertility and the harvest, Demeter was one of the most important gods for the Greeks who lived largely – about 80 percent – from agriculture. They would even have learned this profession from her.

In Athens she was honored during the festival Thesmophoria, in which only women participated. The women slept in huts on a hill and performed rituals to promote the grain harvest and their fertility. Greek artists often depicted Demeter with flowers, fruits and grains. The goddess had a daughter, Persephone, who, according to the Homeric hymn "To Demeter," was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld. After the loss of her daughter, Demeter neglected her crops.

To avoid famine, the other gods persuaded Hades to release Persephone - but first he let her eat four pomegranate seeds. These kernels forced Persephone to return to Hades four months a year, where in this season the earth became barren, winter. Only when Demeter wishes it again, after four months, does spring come again.

The obvious escort goddess that matches this is the tall and slender escort Dalia because of her studies in agriculture. This choice arose from her passion for nature and animals. Dalia is also an educated young woman who, with the greatest respect for others, likes to hear, see, feel and taste their view of the world. This open and unprejudiced attitude inspires others and they learn from it as the goddess Demeter taught others the profession of agriculture.

Escort Lily is goddess Athena

Athena, roman name Minerva:  Goddess of wisdom, crafts, war and the female warrior. According to the Greeks, Athena was an active goddess involved in the lives of the people. She was not only the goddess of war, crafts and wisdom, but also the protector of Athena.

She got that part when she defeated her rival Poseidon in a gift contest. The sea god gave the Athenians a salt spring from which no one could drink, but Athena gave the people a fruitful olive tree. In gratitude, the citizens dedicated the Acropolis to the goddess, who in her wisdom had seen what the Athenians needed.

Athena was considered wise, because according to a myth she was born of brains. Athena's mother, Metis, was swallowed up by her lover, Zeus, who feared that Metis would give birth to a son who would kill him. Then Zeus got such a headache that the god of ironwork, Hephaistos, had to cut a hole in the forehead of the supreme god. And out came Athena – spear raised.

This is The Hague high class escort Lily. As a lawyer, she fights like a warrior in the courtroom, where she protects her clients against possible injustice. Her fiery and passionate character comes in handy here, just as they come in handy in the bedroom. Although Lily never backs down from a challenge, she will always fight for a peaceful solution. She likes to please others and her day is good when she sees others around her having a good time.


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