The Greek goddesses at our escort service, part 1

The Greek goddesses at our escort service, part 1

A client compared our escorts to Greek goddesses

Spending time with a high class escort can be heavenly and take you to a higher level. That inspired one of our dearest clients to write a piece about our high class escorts and compare them to the Greek goddesses. On behalf of all the ladies mentioned; thanks for this wonderful extra insight into the profiles of these escorts. We now let the client speak:

"I warn you in advance. Greek Mythology is full of passion, betrayal, taboo relationships, affairs, jealousy, revenge… and above all a lot of offspring of apparently insatiable gods. The ladies I have linked to the goddesses are only my image of them, no doubt you may have other ladies in mind in some descriptions."

Escort Nina is goddess Artemis

Greek goddess Arthemis or Roman name Diana, is Goddess of the hunt, of wild animals, nature, chastity and virginal innocence and goddess of the moon. Artemis was beautiful and not allowed to be touched by any man, and the Greeks had to be so careful with nature. In the city of Ephesus in present-day Turkey stood the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The temple was famous for its statue of Artemis - made of gold and ebony.

Artemis was known for her virginity. A myth tells that the hunter Aktaion saw Artemis bathing naked in a well. The goddess immediately punished him and turned him into a deer, which was torn to pieces by his own hunting dogs. Like her twin brother Apollo, Artemis had a hunting bow and special powers that she unleashed on her opponents. When King Agamemnon killed one of her deer, Artemis, according to the Iliad, held back the wind so that his fleet could not reach Troy. Only after sacrificing his daughter Iphigenia did Artemis release the wind again.

So Arthemis  did not hesitate to ask for human sacrifices. This suits the Rotterdam high class escort Nina. You can't possibly have gone on a date with her without losing some of yourself in her. In exchange for the time with her, she asks, without being aware of it, a sacrifice. Namely complete surrender, attention to her inner strength and outer beauty. She may seem innocent at first, or as her character description puts it "a bit reserved and sweet at first". But her fierce passion, knowing what she wants, her effectiveness that lies behind this, can even be fatal for those with a weaker constitution.

As befits a goddess of the hunt, she lures you into a trap with a sense of security, only to catch you, striking you right in the heart with her bow. Whether she mistakenly used one of her cousin Cupid's arrows. With her smile, voice and look that, in addition to being beautiful, cheerful, open and incredibly sweet, also hides something mysterious, she is just like the brilliant moonlight that playfully hides behind veil clouds.

Escort Chloe is goddess Aphrodite

Aphrodite, Roman name Venus is the Goddess of love, pleasure, pleasure, desire and beauty, but her birth was bizarre: she was conceived off the coast of Cyprus when the castrated genitals of the titan Uranus fertilized the sea foam. The goddess was so beautiful that Zeus was afraid that the other gods would fight over her. That is why she had to marry someone whom no one envied - the crippled Hephaestos. The naive husband crafted a magical love belt for his wife, establishing relationships with both mortal men and Greek gods such as Ares and Hermes.

Aphrodite was so beautiful that Hera and Athena were jealous. According to the Iliad, the three goddesses asked Prince Paris of Troy to give one of them an apple inscribed "for the fairest." Aphrodite was given the apple, sparking a battle that would culminate in the Trojan War. That Aphrodite kindled the passions is confirmed by the Roman historian Strabo, who lived in the first century BC. noted that over 1,000 prostitutes worked in Aphrodite's temple in Corinth.

This suits the Amsterdam high class escort Chloe, so full of fun and pleasure that she will arouse the desire of any man or woman. With her delicious passion she could start wars just because she is so beautiful. With or without love belt she enchants you with her magic. This Aphrodite is like the butterfly, where every flower competes for her attention. And she decides which flower gets her attention today. Looking into Chloe's blue eyes, you wouldn't doubt that she actually sprang from the waves of the sea. Her appearance cannot but be the divine interpretation of love and beauty.


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