Foursome of high class escorts

Foursome of high class escorts

Book four high class escorts simultaneously as a quartet

Like clients, bookings also come in all shapes and sizes. A less common form, but certainly no less fun, is when four high class escorts are booked simultaneously for one client. This happens every now and then. Curious about the record? The maximum number of high class escorts ever booked by one client is 8 escorts. Could you be the new record holder?

During a recent photo shoot, some of our high class escorts decided to inspire you and took a picture together. Because all high class escorts are blonde, we can rightly say that this is a golden quartet. Not only because of the blonde locks, but also because escorts Daisy, Nina and Megan complement each other perfectly and have an unmistakable chemistry between them.

High class escort Megan from Amsterdam

"For me, the perfect date starts with a romantic atmosphere, candlelight and soft music in the background. This date only gets more fun and exciting with the presence of Nina and Daisy. During the photo shoot I met these beautiful ladies and it clicked immediately. Daisy's blonde curls and Nina's beautiful round breasts made me fantasize right away. This was the perfect group for me to participate in the quartet shoot. Our looks are full of passion and every moment is lived with sensuality The contact between our bodies, the touching and the caressing where the tension is built up together with the music into an unforgettable night. Are you watching or are you joining in?"

High class escort Nina from Rotterdam

"As always, I was really looking forward to the photo shoot. A lot of new girls, but also of course familiar faces. The atmosphere at such a photo shoot at a beautiful location is always very pleasant, but naturally generates a lot of attention from all those beautiful girls with their beautiful bodies. Here I saw Megan for the first time, and we immediately connected very well. I was immediately enchanted by her natural beauty and dazzling body. One of the more familiar faces was of course the beautiful Daisy. We know each other very well and adore spending time together, in every possible way. We were already chatting about our upcoming booking together. And what a booking that was, wow! When a quartet shoot was proposed with three other ladies, my heart immediately started to beat faster. One of my biggest fantasies is a booking with three or more other ladies, and with these beautiful ladies that would be really great. Fortunately, during the shoot I got a small preview of this through the sensual touches and flirty looks. So if you feel like spoiling yourself for an evening with several beautiful ladies who find each other particularly attractive, you've come to the right place! And who knows, you might be the one who makes my fantasy come true…"

High class escort Daisy from Rotterdam

"Since my time at Society Service I have had many wonderful and exciting experiences. However, there are still a number of things on my bucket list. One of them is a booking with more than two other ladies from Society Service. I also got butterflies in my stomach when I heard during the shoot that I could be photographed with three beautiful blondes! When I saw the ladies in their sexy lingerie I couldn't help but secretly fantasize about a group booking. It would be a dream come true to experience this with the beautiful and elegant Megan and my good friend and perhaps the sexiest lady of Society Service: Nina!"


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