Some info about when you or your escort smokes

Some info about when you or your escort smokes

High class escort and smoking... how does that work?

Unfortunately, this is not a blog about a sexy fetish for smoking, but about how it works if you and / or the high class escort smoke. In the profile of all our escorts you can find out if she smokes, and if yes or no, in what capacity. We use a number of categories for this, which we will explain blow. Do you smoke yourself? The majority of our escorts do not find this a problem, even if the high class escort does not smoke herself. However, we advise you not to smoke before and during the booking, so that your breath is fresh. After all, a fresh breath encourages passionate French kissing, something you no doubt want to do with the escort.

The high class escort does not smoke

About three quarters of our high class escorts do not smoke themselves. This means that the escort never smokes, not even during a party. We make a distinction between a "non-smoker" and "tolerant non-smoker". An escort who states that she is a "non-smoker" cannot be booked by a client who smokes, even if the client does not do so during the booking. These escorts find a cigarette odor a huge turnoff and therefore cannot offer the Girlfriend Experience that you are used to from our escorts. The majority of our non-smoking escorts is, however, a "tolerant non-smoker", and despite the fact that the escort never smokes, she is not bothered when the client does. However, we recommend that if possible, just before or during the booking, you do not smoke and pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. The escort may find smoking not a problem, but cigarette smell is still not a turn-on.

The high class escort is a light social smoker

Of the high class escorts who smoke, the largest part is a light social smoker. This means that the escort likes to smoke a cigarette at festive moments, such as a party or a booking, when others around her do the same. However, the escort does not smoke daily and can refrain from smoking for an entire booking, even if it lasts several days, without any problems. For a client who does not smoke himself, the escort will also not smoke. With a client who does smoke, she will sometimes also smoke a cigarette.

The high class escort is a (social) smoker

If the profile of the high class escort states that she smokes or is a social smoker, this means that she smokes daily. If you as a client find a cigarette smell unattractive, then you are advised not to book these escorts. After all, no matter how much attention the escort pays to personal hygiene, the smell of cigarettes will never go away completely. An escort who smokes can be fine for a few hours without smoking, but you must bear in mind that with longer bookings the escort will want to smoke in between. However, the advantage for clients who smoke themselves is that you are assured that the escort will not be bothered by the smell of cigarettes on you or in your home.


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