Statistics about our escorts

Statistics about our escorts

Statistics about our high class escortservice

For our book Escort Bijbel, which was published in 2014, we calculated some statistics about our escorts, clients and bookings. Now, 3 years later it's time to review if these statistics are still accurate. We have accumulated data from all bookings with our high class escorts in 2017 and have some interesting statistics for you. We will discuss them in three separate blogs, and first present the statistics about our high class escorts.

About our high class escorts...

Just like in 2014, the youngest escort at our escortservice is 21 years old, and the oldest is in the late forties. The average age is 28, slightly older than the average age in 2014. And yes, we are honest about the real age. We might not update it right after a birthday, but we will not say the escort is in her twenties when really the escort is over thirty. Contrary to common believe, our clients are not only requesting very young escorts. More "mature" escorts, over 30 years old, are requested just as often.

All of our escorts combine working as a high class escort with their studies or a job. With regards to time management, combining your studies with working as a high class escort is a perfect match. But working as a high class escort may also offer escorts the opportunity to do some soul searching, test their entrepreneurial skills and allow them to travel the world, while still enjoying an above average income. Some escorts even combine working as an escort with a full time job, but these escorts usually have a more limited availability. Approximately two third of our escorts are busy or have finished a university (master) degree, almost all of the remaining escorts are bachelor students or have finished a bachelor degree. This means, the level of education has gone slightly up since 2014. All escorts are still fluent in Dutch and English.

In 2014, 90 percent of our female escorts was wearing a size S or M. This has changed to 75% since we seem to have a few more ladies in our portfolio wearing size XS. The cup sizes have not changed much. Most ladies wear a cup B (33%) or C (30%). Only 8% wears a smaller size and 27% wears size D or larger. The amount of ladies with enhanced breasts (8%) has not really changed either. In 2014 almost all ladies where between 1.65 and 1.78 meter tall, which has not changed. The average height is 1.72 meter and an escort weighs 60 kilograms on average, resulting in a healthy average BMI of 20. Something new we added to the profiles of the escorts is her bootylicious factor. With celebrities setting a trend for perfect round and curvy booties, clients are requesting more bootylicious ladies as well. We are happy to inform you 60% of our escorts describe their booty as larger than average compared to the rest of their body.

Currently, we seem to have more blondes in our portfolio than brunettes, which in 2014 was divided equally. Almost all of our female escorts still have semi-long to long hair. The majority of our escorts is also still caucasian, or with just a sun kissed tan. Our clients still prefer escorts without tattoos and piercings but despite that, two thirds of our escorts have a tattoo and/or piercing.

Our high class escorts are very special young ladies and gentlemen, but when it comes to smoking, our statistics are very average. Approximately 25% of our escorts smokes, which is very close to the national average. Almost all escorts drink alcohol and enjoy a glass of fine wine or champagne during their bookings. We have also found a new statistic; 16% of our escorts are vegetarians, which is well above the Dutch average (5%). A third of our escorts is based in Amsterdam. The other escorts are equally divided over Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

With regards to sexual preferences, our female escorts all offer a Girlfriend Experience. Two thirds of the escorts is also open to a Pornstar Experience and approximately half of the escorts is open tot anal sex and anal play. Two thirds of the escorts is bisexual, from the remaining escorts, half is curious about lesbian sex but the other half is strictly heterosexual. The majority of our escorts (72%) also enjoys meeting clients older than 60 and half of our escorts is available to meet clients with a physical disability. When it comes to BDSM, almost half of our escorts is open to being dominant but over two thirds enjoys being submissive. Needless to say, certain services such as anal sex and BDSM require an established trust relationship and are never guaranteed up front.

So there it is; some statistics about our high class escorts!