Dalia is looking forward to her bookings again

Dalia is looking forward to her bookings again

A little bit more about high class escort Dalia

Every now and then we ask a high class escort to answer personal questions or to tell something more about themselves. This time we asked high class escort Dalia, who is based in Eindhoven. Dalia is an intelligent university student with a long and slender body. As a typical student she lives with roommates and in this blog she tells a bit more about how she enjoys herself in these strange Corona times. She is looking forward to new exciting bookings and can hardly wait!

Cooking and sports with high class escort Dalia

"Dear reader, I hope you and your loved ones are doing okay. I’m thinking of the people for who that isn’t the case. At the same time, this situation results in very valuable things. Such as the friendships, which are now becoming stronger than ever. Personally, I really like that, since my housemates have returned to their home country now that COVID-19 is rapidly spreading through society. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the time in which it will be possible again to meet with new people. Maybe with you…? Until then, I would like to give you a peek into the life of an escort via this blog. You can get to know me a bit in this way, and I hope to be able to return the favour soon!

A good thing about having the house to myself, is that I can now sing very loudly without worrying about the eardrums of my housemates. Nevertheless, the neighbours might hear me from time to time. If it’s not because of the singing than it will be because of my feet landing on the – somewhat thin – floor, when I’m cartwheeling around the house while making my way to the kitchen. Luckily, the neighbours are used to a bit of noise, owing to their teenagers, and I gave them my number just in case they would like to have an afternoon without my dulcet tones in their living room. So far, they only texted me when one of my packages was delivered to their house or vice versa, which means that there are two options: they really like my singing, or the isolation of the house is better than I thought. I suspect that it’s the latter… 

I find myself in the kitchen once again, when I’m singing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton for the hundredth time. The kitchen has always been my favourite place in the house, and even more so these days. Vegan brownies with double chocolate, anyone? I daresay that you won’t want anything else anymore, once you’ve had these! Maybe I’ll tell you the secret ingredient, if you’d like to bake them together? I’ll leave it to your imagination what we’ll do with the leftover chocolate… If you’re that one rare person who doesn’t love everything chocolate, no worries, I’ve got you covered. With all this time on my hands, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to try and develop new recipes. You might’ve noticed that experimenting is second nature to me, and not just in the kitchen…

All those hours spent in the kitchen go hand in hand with exercising, of course! I make my way outside multiple days a week to keep the corona-kilos away, just like half of the Dutch population does. My body becomes even leaner as a result, but more importantly: it gives me peace of mind. After all, we don’t all need to become multilingual bodybuilders during this time. In my opinion, the restfulness that is regained and a renewed way of prioritizing is what’s important. One thing is sure to me: I still love this job as much as the day I started! The adventure, mutual excitement and experiences… I can’t wait for it to restart. For now, I will look for adventure in my kitchen and on my balcony. Hopefully we can soon look for adventure together… Until then, dear reader!"

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