Sporty high end escorts

Sporty high end escorts

The sporty escorts of our high end escortservice

In our previous blog, sporty high end escorts Beau and Lily already talked about how they share a passion for sport and each other. This inspired some of our other high end escorts who would like to tell you more about their sporty hobbies. To be able to combine this with a booking seems like a great idea to them, but also to us.

During the perfect high-end escort booking, a number of elements often come together; a beautiful escort who shares an experience that is intimate on an erotic and social level, often involving one of life's other pleasures as well. You can think of a good glass of wine, a delicious meal, a beautiful view… but why not something sporty? A number of our high-end escorts are therefore happy to tell you about their sporty hobbies.

Busty Nina enjoys moving her curves to great music

"Exercising has always been my favourite source of relaxing. One of my biggest passions in life is dancing. I’ve been dancing as long as I can remember. After practising ballet for a few years, it was time to get rid of the tutu and replace it with some cooler garments. Hiphop became my true passion, and soon I realized I was quite good at it. Within two years I danced with the most advanced group and tried to attend as much classes as possible; I always liked being “the best”. After a few years I searched for something more challenging, so I auditioned for a crew that was participating in competitions, with success. From that moment I also became really into the more ‘feminine’ style: a sexy, commercial style, sometimes on heels. For me, dancing is a way to express myself and relax completely. Moving my body on my favourite music makes me feel absolutely sexy and confident. Besides stimulating the mindset, dancing ensures a fit body as well: it improves my condition and increases muscle mass. My dream is to go to Los Angeles one day, the place to be if you enjoy dancing. So if you’re interested in dancing and everything that goes along with it, I'm the right choice for you."

High end escort Megan likes to go for a run

"After a day of studying, I like to relax. Running offers the optimal form of relaxation for me. Running through beautiful areas and landscapes, but also a nice break to enjoy nature and the view. The most beautiful places where I have been running are Italy, Portugal and Egypt. Breathtakingly beautiful, with the most mesmerizing views and wonderful weather. Running is the perfect way for me to discover new places. It really is kind of an adventure, which I would like to experience with you. Of course it will also improve our cardio-skills, something we can perhaps test together later in the evening. After I went for a run I like to make sure my muscles are relaxed. Yoga helps me to fully loosen up and stretch the muscles. There are so many positions possible, the Kamasutra-book would be jealous. After our intense running date, yoga is the perfect way to really test our flexibility and positions. Do you want to completely relax together with me? Then I hope to see you soon on our sporty date."

Escort Dalia enjoys outdoor sports such as horse riding, motor riding, hiking and sailing

"Outdoor sports, what’s not to love? Although I’m quite keen on anything outdoorsy, there’s one thing that makes my heart beat fastest: equestrian sports. I’ve been practising it since I was 4 and it’s been my lifeline ever since. Nothing compares to the adrenalin kick I get from galloping full speed through the forest or across the beach. The same goes for the pure sense of harmony I feel during dressage. Recently I’ve also taken up on a new hobby, which involves some more horsepower: motorcycling. A friend got me into it and I found out that I love the sense of freedom on a motorbike, as well as the speed!  For now I’ll be touring as a passenger on the motorbike, but I hope to have my license soon. Are you up for a ride?

Besides horses and motorbikes, I love a more tranquil time outside. Hiking is definitely one of my favourites. I prefer the mountains, but as you know, those are nowhere to be found in The Netherlands. A perfect excuse for travelling! The Rocky Mountains and Himalayas have stolen my heart, and I hope to return there soon. Until then, sailing will also keep me occupied. I love sailing with a group of people, starting early in the day and arriving at the next harbour many hours later. Then it’s time to cook a simple yet delicious meal, open a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company and the fresh evening air. The outdoors never gets boring and that’s exactly what I love about it. Let’s go explore together sometime!"


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