When you should cancel your escort booking

When you should cancel your escort booking

Cancel your booking with a high class escort

It sometimes happens that a client has to cancel a booking with a high class escort. That is very regrettable, for both the client and the escort, but it can happen sometimes. We have already paid attention to the most common reasons why a booking with a high class escort is canceled. Despite our flexible cancellation policy - you can cancel your booking in the Netherlands up to 4 hours before the booking - it happens rarely that a booking is canceled on very short notice. Clients respect the time of our high class escorts and inform us as soon as possible when they have to cancel a booking.

The reasons for having to cancel is often because the client's agenda changes unexpectedly. Reason for this can be businesslike, such as a change in his business trip, or an other private reason. However, we noticed the last month there were a lot cancellations for health reasons. The flu epidemic in the Netherlands also affects our clients, but unfortunately also our escorts. We would like to go discuss when you should cancel the booking when you are not feeling well.

You or the escort has a cold

In case of a cold you often suffer from a runny nose, accompanied by sore throat, sneezing, coughing, headache, fatigue and even muscle pain. Not only is this not a hygienic and charming sight, a cold is contagious. The first days of a cold are the most contagious and a booking with a high class escort should be canceled. After four or five days, when the worst complaints are over and you feel well again, a booking does not have to be canceled. However, as long as you suffer from sore throat, there is a chance that you have a laryngitis. This is contagious and as long as you have a sore throat, a booking is not possible.

You or the escort has the flu

In case of a flu you will often suddenly suffer from chills, fever, headache and muscle pain and the well-known cold complaints. The annoying thing about the flu is that you are already infectious the day before you experience a problem, something that is very difficult to determine. However, you are still contagious for the first five days that you have symptoms. Now we do not expect you to desire a booking with a high class escort at all, but in case of flu complaints you should always cancel your booking. Only when you are feeling completely fit again, you can place a booking, but that can easily take a few weeks.

Infectious skin conditions

When the resistance is lower, such as during a cold or flu, there is an extra risk of a cold sore. With a cold sore a booking is absolutely not possible. No booking is possible during the entire period until full recovery. This also applies to other contagious skin conditions such as scabies and currant beards. If on arrival the high class escort has the suspicion that this is the case then the booking will be canceled and we will charge the rate of the minimum booking at your location.