Erotic Massage course

Erotic Massage with a high class escort

Last week it was time for our annual Erotic Massage course. Our high class escorts are tutored through several courses during the duration of their time with us, and we strive to offer a nice variety of subjects. But the course in Erotic Massage and Sensual Massage is one that is repeated most often. Our exclusive escorts are taught the basic principles of a relaxing massage, combined with erotic elements and of course our infamous lingam (penis) massage techniques. This course, special attention was paid to duo four hand massages, so don't hesitate to ask your escorts during their bisexual duobooking to show you their massage skills.

Set the mood with an Sensual Massage

An erotic and sensual massage is a great way to get in the mood, and explore each other's body. After getting to know each other over a glass of wine, a cocktail, a cup of tea or a romantic dinner, your escort can invite you for a relaxing candlelit bath or refreshing shower. You can watch her undress or undress each other. Washing each other, perhaps even a full body scrub, can be very sexy and a great preparation for the erotic massage that will follow. To protect your bedding against the oil, make sure to place a big towel over the bed. Decorating the room with (scented) candles create a romantic atmosphere, as will some lounge music and a comfortable temperature. Your escort will bring massage oil to every booking, most of our high class escorts even offer a choice between scented and non-scented massage oil. During your massage you are passive. You do not have to do anything, accept to lie, relax and enjoy. No conversation is required, just focus on the touch of your escort, and how amazing this feels on your body.

What happens during an Erotic Massage

During the massage, you are welcome to gently caress your escort when her body slides against your hands, but by all means; do not grope the escort. Let her spoil you with this wonderful erotic massage, and take your time to enjoy it. If you are impatient, then just skip the massage. It is not a mandatory element of your booking after all. Our escorts strive for excellence and nothing less, so allow her to show you exactly that. An erotic massage is only fun for you and the escort if you are both relaxed and into the moment. Each escort will have her very own version of the erotic massage that she was taught. In general, a full erotic massage will take at least 90 minutes. You will start by lying on your stomach, while the escort provides a relaxing full body massage. Every now and then she will touch you erotically, building up tension. She will combine the full body massage with a body to body massage and ask you to turn around to lie on your back at a certain point. After this, the massage will get more and more erotic. Being massaged by her naked body was already very erotic, but combined with a visual while laying on your back, is very arousing. Let her massage every inch of your body, and get lost in her touches.

Reaching a climax during the massage with your escort

When lying on your back, the escort will provide a body to body massage on you. Due to the oil on her and your body, your penis will be massaged between her curves, without touching her vagina. It is possible you reach your climax during this type of massage. If that happens, just let it happen and enjoy the feeling. If you manage to resist however, you are in for a treat. After massaging your body, the escort will take place between your legs and pay special attention to your penis, for a lingam massage. She will use several penis massage techniques on you, depending on how you respond to them, and build up several times to almost reaching your climax. When you almost can not hold it any longer, she will stimulate you to reach your climax, which will be mind blowing and far more intense than normal. Do keep in mind, at this point in the massage, a manual or body to body massage technique is the only safe way to reach orgasm. All other forms of sexual contact require a condom, which can not be applied at this moment. Oil can affect the latex in the condom, making it unreliable. In order to proceed you would need to wash your full body and your escort as well. This will break the erotic flow you are in and intrude on the moment. So just relax and let her provide the most amazing lingam massage. If desired, there's  always the option of extending your time together for some other sexy fun!