Our Erotic Massage Service in Amsterdam

Our Erotic Massage Service in Amsterdam

Erotische massage by a high class escort in Amsterdam

At our high class escort service we regularly receive requests for an erotic massage. It is striking that many of these requests come from clients based in Amsterdam. Perhaps they need some relaxation after a long day of work, or have tired muscles from a day of sightseeing. Fortunately, many of our high class escorts have excellent massage skills and are also available outside of Amsterdam. We understand the demand for an erotic massage with a high class escort very well. After all, this combines the sensuality and relaxation of a massage with the eroticism, fun and intimacy of a high class escort.

The escorts of the Erotic Massage Service are better at an erotic massage than our other escorts, but our real massage experts of the moment are without a doubt Taylor, Ella and Freya. Taylor and Ella are so due to the several massage trainings they have completed, Freya because of her passion for massage. For that reason, she loves to tell you a bit more about it.

High class escort Freya from Amsterdam is Miss Massage

"Light the candles, play some nice background music and oil: lots of oil. The pressure of performing in our current society often results in some way of (unknowingly) tension. We keep on walking, climbing that hill to become the best version of ourselves. However, we sometimes totally forget to thank our body for its hard commitment and work. Just as my toy will be vibrating less and less if I don't replace the batteries, the body starts protesting harder if you do not take any time to relax.

Miss Massage ensures you that you will be completely relaxed and tense free after her massage! The type of massage that I will be performing on you during our date strongly depends on your wishes, preferences and my intuition. I will immediately know how tensed your body is when we start the massage, because I will be secretly lifting an arm or be twisting your wrist slightly to see to what kind of resistance I feel. This so called resistance might be a huge challenge: release all your muscles, surrender. Luckily, Miss Massage is here to the rescue! I will quietly start stroking and kneading your body parts. When these first steps work out well I will exert more pressure and knead harder. When I notice that you have completely surrendered, I will look for the places that you secretly get excited of when I massage them closely. Believe me, I love to tease you a little when it comes to your erotic zones.

I really enjoy seeing you relax and at the same time long for my touch and warm presence. It creates a wonderful connection, a bond of trust. In my opinion, this bond of trust is the key to a amazing sexual experience, where both are feeling secured and relaxed enough to share and fulfill each other’s desires and fantasies. Do you dare to completely surrender yourself to me? xxx Freya"