Massage tips for clients of our escortservice

Massage tips for clients of our escortservice

Tips for a good massage by an experienced masseur

We regularly receive nice contributions for our blog from clients. This time we received extensive advice on how you as a client can pamper your high class escort with an erotic massage. We speak on behalf of all our escorts when we express our gratitude for this!

Massaging your escort for dummies

"What I find a very nice and pleasant way to get to know the escort better is to receive a massage from a beautiful lady. If you look at the profiles you can read how well they assess their own massage qualities. But an unwritten massage rule is Getting a massage is giving a massage. I have followed a number of massage courses. Do you really have to have that background to be able to properly provide a massage? No, here are some simple rules and techniques with which you can give a wonderful massage...

My tip as a shiatsu therapist and sports masseur always starts with the most important thing. First ask if the escort is even open to receiving a massage. This may seem strange in this setting, but a massage can be experienced as very intimate and vulnerable. This can really be taken the wrong way, especially if you don't implement it with a few key rules in mind.

It is important that you give the massage with integrity and respect. Don't see this as an opportunity to simply grope her. A massage is just as much about trust as being intimate with each other. So be a gentleman (or lady) and control yourself. This does not mean that you should not enjoy giving the massage. After all, you get to massage a heavenly body. But know the difference between giving a massage that the high escort and therefore you enjoy, and only taking what you want.

Following this, it makes sense that you don't just move your hands to places where they shouldn't be at that moment. Not suddenly just put hands on or to private parts. This can cause someone who is massaging you to completely shut down and tense up. And the next person who wants to give her a massage will think twice about whether she still wants that. So show her genuine respect, and don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Then ensure a comfortable temperature, or set the heating high enough, or provide towels and/or blankets. You may have very manly, large hands, but much of her body is lying there openly, suffering a bit of cold. Cover what you are not massaging, or what you have just massaged. The temperature certainly also applies to your hands. Rub them warm and hold them briefly under the warm tap. Take it from me, if you touch her with your ice cubes, the atmosphere is completely gone, and it won't just come back.

Make sure your nails are trimmed and sharp edges filed. Next time check your high escort's hands, they look great. Now look at your own hands. If you're not into manicures, at least use nail scissors, a nail file and a little hand cream. Thanks in advance from the ladies, I can certainly say.

Use oil! Apply massage oil, friction without lubricant is initially nice but can irritate very quickly or even hurt. In addition, most massage oils smell pleasant, and this promotes relaxation. For the creative ones among you, olive oil, sunflower oil or WD40 is NOT the right lubricant!

To complete the atmosphere, put on some nice music. Just assume that the escort doesn't like your metal or techno list, look for something relaxing and don't turn it up too loud. And the last rule is KEEP COMMUNICATING! Ask checking questions, ask if it is nice, if the pressure is good, if she is cold or warm, if she is comfortable, show interest in what it does to her. And so listen to what she says, don't try to fill in the blank, she can indicate very well what is nice and what is not.

These are the main rules, now a few techniques. Also look up a video on YouTube with examples. But here are some other helpful tips. If you are not sure how hard or soft you should massage, try it on yourself first. Sit on a chair and place your hands on your thighs. Now start pressing a little harder on your leg with your flat palm. Do you feel a certain counter pressure? This is your body naturally indicating that this is the right pressure.

Now start with a gentle rotating movement with the same pressure. As you do this, slowly move your hand from knee to stomach and back. You can practice with a little more or less pressure, just know that too soft just doesn't do much, and too hard can be annoying. Also practice this with your left hand on your right arm, and vice versa. Then you notice that your legs, and ultimately hers too, can have more pressure than your arms.

Another technique, cup your hand around the side of your leg so that your thumb is on top and the rest of the fingers are on the outside. Now you do the same exercise with equal pressure only with your thumbs. Rotate your thumbs gently as you move your hands. Also repeat this exercise on your arms. Once you have finally developed a certain rhythm and feeling, you can apply this during the date with your high escort.

As a final tip, a foot massage is wonderful, but feet can be sensitive to too soft touches. This can really itch. If you don't dare to do this with your hands, you can use a tennis ball or something similar to roll it over the sole of the foot. This can then be done firmly and is experienced as very pleasant. Please note that you cannot just use anything at home, a rolling pin or other cooking utensils will not have the same desired effect... It is not dough that you knead! Unless you are the one with that baker's fetish, then that is between you and the high escort, no judgment here.

You can use other attributes such as a vibrator to stimulate the body and skin, although I prefer to let my skilled hands do the talking. Is this appreciated? An example that I like to think about is a date with one of the beautiful escorts. I massaged her. She relaxed on her stomach on the bed and completely surrendered to my hands. A massage where I quietly gave every part of her body the attention she deserved. Then a tired elegant back, graceful shoulders and arms, heavenly buttocks, sexy legs and beautiful feet each want to demand my skilled and relaxing massaging attention. And you better believe I enjoyed it as much as she did. Her feedback was very positive and a huge ego boost. After which she, in turn, also completely spoiled me and left me relaxed, thanks to her extremely good and heavenly skills... Was that a one-off? I'll have to ask her that next time, during a massage ;)"


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