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High Class Escort Service is a honorary title

Don’t look any further: you just found Society Service, an escort agency that rightfully and proudly deserves the predicate ‘High Class Escort Service’. Sometimes we’ve had enough, when we – again - read an article in a newspaper or magazine on the wrongs in de escort business. Especially when it concerns agencies who describe themselves as the top end of the market, as an ‘exclusive’ or ‘high class’ escort agency, whilst they are absolutely not worthy of those adjectives. These concepts however, like for instance ‘Grand Cru’ in the world of wine, are not legally protected. So every now and then we feel the need to explain once more what these concepts mean to us.

High class escort agency Society Service

Recently a large article in daily national newspaper De Telegraaf caught our attention; the headline being ‘Escort agency brought to court’. The agency concerning was, due to malpractice, shut down by the local authorities of Amsterdam, but the owner challenges that decision. We weren't really curious to see the court verdict, as already we cannot but agree with the authorities. It’s not for nothing that there is a great number of rules to which an escort agency must comply to obtain a license. The agency concerning deliberately violated these rules, resulting in the decision to close the escortservice for good. High class escort agency Society Service (yes, we proudly and deliberate express this title) doesn’t just comply to the minimum conditions compulsory to our business, but conducts its business in a way that can act as an example for other so called ‘upscale’ escort agencies – and other corporations as well.

The pictures of our escorts are real

Just like at Society Service, most escort service websites will state promising statements and promises. But to just put a text on a website is not the same as to comply to it. In the newspaper article concerning the outright dishonest agency (operating by the way under some twenty five different names) we read that the agency offers several girls of 18 years of age, something that is strictly prohibited by the Amsterdam municipality! Of course Society Service respects the minimum age of 21 for the escort ladies, as required by law. But there is more: when the authorities booked an escort lady to verify she was 31 years old, instead of what was mentioned on the website. The picture of the lady shown on the website didn’t resemble the reality. That is something we see a lot; on the world wide web companies are using so called ‘stock’ pictures of the most beautiful models a little bit too enthusiastically for their own purposes. We can assure you: all the pictures of the high class escorts on Society Service’s website are actual (and recently taken) pictures of the gorgeous ladies themselves. You will never be unpleasantly surprised.

Girlfriend experience

What you see is what you get at Society Service. And a lot more, because you will be amazed to experience what our ladies have in stock for you. We do not, under any circumstances, rush when we select the ladies that are suitable to work for us as an escort and dinner date. Our high class escorts wear their ‘title’ rightfully: they speak their languages, they look stunning (as you can see on the pictures on our website) and will offer you a fantastic girlfriend experience. Just to name a few. Society Service lives up to the promises we make, with you as well as with the ladies who work with us. It provides you and the ladies with confidence and security.

Of course you will come across some surprises when you book an escort at Society Service, but those will be very pleasant surprises… On this website you can read a number of reviews of our very very satisfied customers, and absolutely not one of them is written by us. Society Service is a transparent agency that has no secrets. Well, what happens between the sheets remains between you and the concerning high class escort of course.

The customer is king at Society Service

All the ladies who work for Society Service are exclusively attached to our agency – you will not come across them on the websites of other agencies. As it happens, we do not work with ‘die hard’ professionals, but exclusively with ladies who experience sheer pleasure in their activities and who will give you the time of your life – especially if you let them enjoy their time with you as well. Society Service will never be brought to court due to malpractice, agreements we didn’t comply to or ‘misunderstandings’ concerning the bookings. The client is king with us, and lese-majesty is something we don’t practice at Society Service.