Discreet payment at our escortservice

Discreet payment at our escortservice

Discreet payment options for escortservice

Being a legal and registered company, we have the ability to offer a variety of payment options to the clients of our high class escortservice. With these payment options we have looked for a balance between complying with laws and regulations, discretion and safety. Electronic payments made to us via banktransfer or creditcard will be discreetly listed under a general consultancy name. And if you want to avoid a paper trace all together, we welcome you to pay cash when your high class escort arrives. 

Some payment options are not allowed, for instance PayPal refuses all clients from our industry. They do not allow our escortservice to accept or send money through them, so we don't. Neither can we accept payments made through Western Union or Money Gram. Not only are these highly monitored by (y)our government and tax authorities, it requires someone from our office to travel to their office to collect the funds, which we simply do not have the time nor means for. Despite our efforts, some clients wish to have more certainty their payments can never be linked to our escortservice. For those clients, we have two extra suggestions.

Use a Money Transfer Service

Don't feel like explaining your local bank to who you need to make an international transfer? Or want to hide the receiver of the funds from others who can access your account? Then you might want to use a Money Transfer Service, such as TransferWise and CurrencyCloud. From your bankaccount, you deposit funds into your account with the Money Transfer Service. From there it is send to us. In your regular bank account it will only state the transfer to the Money Transfer Service, not our name.

Get a prepaid creditcard

Contrary to common believe, a prepaid creditcard is not anonymous. It is simply a creditcard that you deposit funds in beforehand, which is then the maximum that can be charged to the creditcard. This type of creditcard is often used by those that travel a lot, since the scam options are limited. And by those that due to their terrible credit score can no longer apply for a regular creditcard. It offers the same method as a Money Transfer Service does. You deposit from your regular account into the account of the creditcard, and from there it can go anywhere, without being listed on your regular statements.