Curvy high end escorts with feminine curves

Curvy high end escorts with feminine curves

Feminine curves are hot and happening and this shows with our high end escorts

While the demand for curvy escorts at Society Service was not very high several years ago, they have become very popular in 2020! Where is this interest so suddenly coming from? Undoubtedly, the change in the current beauty ideal has something to do with it. Instead of skinny model bodies on the covers of magazines, these days it is stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé who receive all the attention with their feminine curves. But beauty ideal or not, in our opinion it is mainly the following characteristics that make our curvy escorts so irresistible...

High end escorts with large breasts  

Although this does not apply to all voluptuous ladies, Society Service's curvy escorts have amazingly big breasts! Besides the fact that this looks insanely sexy of course, they are also two extraordinary toys in bed.

High end escorts who are bootylicious

Most men are probably not aware of it, but the attraction of big female buttocks seems genetically determined. Evolution is all about survival of the fittest and finding someone with vital and fertile genes. A woman with wider hips is seen as more fertile. Big buttocks are especially desirable because you have something to hold on to. By the way, the booties of our curvy escorts are so well formed that you may be short of hands!

A curvy high end escort is better in bed

High end escorts from Society Service with feminine curves don't just have more to hold on to, these ladies are naturally better in bed. Why? Curvy ladies embrace their bodies more. After all, in addition to good communication with your lover, confidence is key to good sex!

The curvy escorts of our high end escortservice

Society Service has a number of beautiful curvy escorts available. Take our escort Amber from Rotterdam. In addition to her sparkling blue eyes and cheerful character, this curvy twenty-three-year old, has a body made for passion and sensuality. With her round booty and natural breasts (Cup size 80E!), she is the absolute model of curvy! Another shapely lady that we do not want to keep from you is our escort Maia from The Hague. This desirable lady with an Arabian and Indian appearance has all the ingredients that make a man's heart beat faster. With her honey-brown eyes, she first puts you under hypnosis, after which she slowly takes you to seventh heaven with her fantastic curvy booty and breasts. Last but not least is our escort Amelie from Leiden. This twenty-four year old medical student has everything a man could want. In addition to an insanely beautiful face, she also has a body that is close to perfection. You can take it from us... Book this exceptionally beautiful lady and this natural seductress will make all your naughty dreams come true.


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