Corona update about our escorts

Corona update about our escorts

An update regarding COVID-19 and our high class escort service

Even though we are all quite 'corona tired' by now, we have an update regarding the COVID-19 / Corona virus. We notice that many clients have questions now that the infection rates have gone up again lately. In this blog we answer the most frequently asked questions about booking a high class escort during the pandemic.

Just to answer the most pressing question; Yes, booking an escort is currently possible. Both you and the escort must not have had any (mild) cold and flu symptoms in the 48 hours prior to the booking. The client and escort may also not have had contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the week prior to the booking. As long as this is met, a booking is possible and you do not have to keep 1.5 meters away during your booking. You can enjoy our usual Girlfriend Experience.

The infection rates among young people have risen enormously, what now?

We expect our escorts to practice social distancing in daily life and not to take unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, the information regarding the escort's daily life is limited to this. We are not in a position to hold the escort accountable or make demands on how someone is going about their life. We must rely on the escort's common sense and sense of responsibility. If you are not comfortable with this thought, we advise you not to place bookings with younger escorts at the moment.

How is the vaccination rate among the escorts? Have they ever had corona?

Most of our escorts, like others, will be vaccinated in the coming months, but unfortunately we cannot share medical information with you. This also applies to test results and/or if a certain escort has already had COVID. We are not allowed to ask the escort whether they have been vaccinated, whether there is a previous COVID-19 infection or other medical matters. You are also not allowed to inquire about this with the escort. It is possible that the escort will tell you about this on her own initiative, that is a personal choice. Also as a client you are under no obligation to share such information with us or our escorts, but of course you can if you want.

Do you test the high class escorts preventively?

Usually not because if there is reason for a test, a booking is not possible at all. In case of (possible) contact with an infected person or the mildest complaints, our escorts must be tested at the GGD, just like all other Dutch people. Only when a negative test result has been received, or in the case of an infection the escort is completely free of symptoms for at least 48 hours, bookings are possible again. If you want some extra certainty, we have reliable rapid tests available that can be carried out prior to the booking. We can also provide the same test for you as a client. The associated costs will be passed on to you. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities, however; test results fall under medical information and are not shared. In the very unlikely event of a positive test, your booking will be canceled without providing a reason.

My member account has expired. Now what?

We have taken this into account. You can read all about our special COVID Sneak Preview here.

Is an international booking with a high class escort possible?

Yes this is possible. We look at the situation for each destination and discuss with the client what the most sensible approach is. In many cases, booking more expensive tickets that offer more flexibility will be necessary or we will wait until relatively shortly before the start of the booking to make such reservations. In addition, we regularly check whether the entry requirements have changed and what possible consequences this may have for your booking. We will ensure that the escort has the necessary travel documents, health certificate and vaccination or test certificate, if required, prior to the international booking.


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