When your Member Account has expired

When your Member Account has expired

Has your Member Account expired during the pandemic? Then you can apply for a COVID Sneak Preview once.

With the end of the lockdown in sight, many clients want to make a booking again and can travel to the Netherlands again. With a Member Account, the choice between the escorts is often made easier. That is why clients asked us whether the Member Account could be reactivated. Because they could not use our high class escort service in the past year due to the COVID pandemic, the account had often expired and they could no longer log in.

If you are familiar with our escortservice, you will know that we think it is very important to fulfill agreements, including the agreements we make with our high class escorts. If we do not adhere to the agreements when a Member Account is possible for clients, the escorts will no longer give permission to display their recognizable photos in the member area. We therefore assume that you understand that we are happy to keep these agreements. In order to accommodate our clients, we have made additional agreements with our high class escorts about a temporary type of member account: the COVID Sneak Preview.

Why a COVID Sneak Preview account at our escortservice?

When a client meets the conditions of a Member Account, it will automatically expire one year after the most recent booking. We normally think that this is a reasonable period within which a client can make use of this privilege, which is at the expense of the privacy of our escorts. However, at the end of the COVID pandemic, it appears that many clients have not been able to travel to the Netherlands from their country of residence for over a year. No doubt it will also sound familiar to you; holidays and business trips are frequently canceled and rescheduled. There are also many restrictions and additional entry requirements to move between certain countries, which also makes international bookings with our escort service difficult, if not impossible. In addition, in the Netherlands, as in other countries, we have to deal with long-term imposed lockdown measures.

If all this was not a reason to not be able to use the services of our escort service in the past year, the desire for social distancing will always remain. A pandemic is a frightening affair, and having intimate contact with a high class escort can be too much of a good thing. Summarizing; sufficient reason not to use our escortservice in the past year, with the result that your Member Account has now expired.

For who is the COVID Sneak Preview of our escortservice?

We spent a long time deliberating for whom our COVID Sneak Preview would be available. Would this only apply to clients from certain countries who could not travel to the Netherlands? For clients from a risk group? Clients who have booked with us at least 25 times before? The options and considerations were plentiful and that wasn't very helpful. We therefore decided to make the COVID Sneak Preview as easy as possible; anyone who has booked with us in the year prior to the pandemic and meets the requirements of a Member Account on all other fronts can request the COVID Sneak Preview.

You can request this using the application form below. If your application is approved, you will receive one-time access to our member area for a period of 1 hour. This option is only provided once. We therefore advise you to only submit the application when you have concrete plans for placing a booking. Out of respect for the privacy of our escorts, the COVID Sneak Preview is therefore not available for clients who just want to take a look at our member area for fun. The COVID Sneak Preview account can be requested until at least the end of 2021. We hope to be of service again soon!


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