An introduction of the escortservice team

An introduction of the escortservice team

What it takes to run a high class escortservice

In many ways, running a high class escortservice is like running any other company. And it's certainly not something you can do on your own. Specific tasks ask for specific knowledge and skills. So even though most clients will only ever be in contact with owner Marike, she is not the only person doing all the work. Let us tell you a bit more about what it takes to run a high class escortservice and which people we need to match our 40 escorts and gigolos to our clients.

Setting up bookings at our escortservice

When making a booking at our high class escortservice, you will most likely be assisted by Marike. Despite being a busy entrepreneur, she finds it very important to handle most of the bookings personally, as well as the contact with the high class escorts. First, she does not want to compromise your need for discretion and have your details managed by several different office employees. Second, after running her escortservice for over a decade, she knows like no other how to match clients to the right high class escort and how to screen clients in order to keep the escorts safe. Setting up bookings is therefore only done by Marike, and her trusted front office employee Jacky, who has been with Society Service for over 5 years now.

Recruitment for potential escorts and gigolos

Every month, hundreds - sometimes up to a thousand - of ladies and gentlemen apply to become a high class escort or high end gigolo (male escort) at our escortservice. These applications all require a personal evaluation and reply. There are several steps in the recruitment process and it all starts with an application containing basic information about the applicant. This application is reviewed by HR employees Jules and Merel. If an application shows potential, the applicant is asked to complete a second application with more in-depth and personal information, which is also reviewed by Jules and Merel. If we are still interested in the applicant, personal contact is required. The third step of having a small chat over the phone is done by Merel and Marike, but all face to face contact required in the recruitment process is done by Marike herself. Out of the hundreds of applicants, less than 5% is invited for a face to face interview with Marike.

The website, our home on the web

Contrary to, let's say a luxurious lingerie shop, we do not require a shop or office where clients can come in to select their favorite high class escort. Our website offers (potential) clients the possibility to read more about our company and select their favorite escort or gigolo. Managing our website, and making sure it is updated regularly is therefore of great importance. Our webmaster, Peter, takes care of maintaining our website both in frontend and backend. The content of the website is mostly provided by Marike and Jules, but our high class escorts also contribute to the content on occasion. To make sure you can visit our wonderful website, Society Service has been working with a UK based company for over a decade, who manages our servers and all traffic related issues.

Administration and taxes at our escortservice

Yes, we pay taxes like any other company does. And to make sure we pay the right amount of taxes, we are working with our accountant Johan from the very beginning. After Marike finishes the day to day administrative tasks, Johan does our quarterly and annual taxes. On occasion, he advises our high class escorts on their personal taxes. To allow Marike to complete the day to day administrative tasks, we are working with a custom built application, which allows her to safely manage and organize bookings and meet all administrative requirements.

A fully legal high class escort agency

Society Service is a fully legal escort agency, meeting all laws and regulations. We hold a permit which allows us to exploit our escortservice, which we obtained from the city of Rotterdam. For day to day legal issues, such as setting up contracts, GDPR compliance and terms and conditions, we are working with a wonderful legal employee. But every now and then, we require the help of our corporate lawyer. Needless to say, issues requiring our lawyer are usually issues we prefer to avoid but it's an unfortunate yet inevitable part of doing business.

And let's not forget about...

All the others who help us somewhere along the way. Our photographer, who provides the wonderful pictures on the website. The employees of Pleasurements, who make sure our high class escorts wear only the finest and sexiest lingerie. The people who teach our escorts how to provide a proper massage, BDSM basics, striptease, etiquette, self-defense, and other courses. Our make-up artist, who makes sure our high class escorts look their very best in the pictures. Consultants, who provide occasional advice on issues we are experiencing difficulties with. The officials of the tax authorities, police and municipality who we are in contact with on occasion, and so much more.