Escort look: Conservative clothing

Escort look: Conservative clothing

High class escort with conservative look

It may not be the look that you first think of when you ask a high class escort from Society Service to dress according to your preferences, but as far as we are concerned it is definitely recommended. What clothing style we’re talking about? Precisely, the conservative look! It’s a discreet way of dressing that implies the escort comes from a good family and comes straight from boarding school.

But where the clothing choice of the escort suggests that we’re dealing with the best pupil in the class, you’ll see a completely different side of the escort later. As soon as you are behind closed doors, the masquerade comes to an end and you’ll see what kind of beauty is hidden under the discreet outfit.

What is the smart conservative look?

Although the conservative look is particularly striking because it reveals very little, it’s definitely a style of dressing which can be exciting. However, the excitement should not be sought in the lascivious, but instead the senses are stimulated by not revealing what’s underneath the discreet clothing. This clothing style challenges the imagination and leaves the spectators with the question: what is the clothing hiding? An escorts who dresses according to the conservative look, will not show off her feminine curves, perhaps only a little bit. It’s a clothing style which is best described as discreet, almost preppy even. For example, a classic dress without too many frills. The only detail that beautifies the look is a pearl necklace or another classic piece of jewelry. Another good example of conservative clothing is an outfit that consists of half-high heels, a chino, with a blouse and a cashmere sweater above it.

Our male escorts (gigolo's) dress discretely, just like the female escorts. You can think of an outfit consisting of leather loafers, a neat pair of pants combined with a shirt and sweater.

Conservative and discreet clothing at our luxury escortservice

The two high class escorts from Society Service who wear the conservative look with a lot of elegance, are our beautiful ladies April and Faye. Why? April is a real elite escort with toned feminine curves, a beautiful smile, long brown hair and a very nice personality. In addition to her dazzling body, April is a very intellectual young lady, as attested by her academic background. An other very intelligent young lady, is escort Faye. Just like April, this quality makes her even more exciting than she already is at first sight. Faye is an escort who offers the whole package, a delicate lady who should be treated with care. Think about it: how often do you get the chance to experience an adventure with an eloquent beauty with dark blond hair, a soft lily-white skin and a slim body that you can only dream of?