Compliment an escort

Compliments for High Class Escorts

Every woman loves to get compliments. Therefore, our High Class Escorts love that too… We can imagine that you adore each and every high Class Escort that you see on the website of Society Service. Of course: they all are so gorgeous and exciting! And the beauty of it: they can be ‘yours’… For a couple of hours, for a whole evening or even longer. As long as you wish, in fact – the possibilities are sheer endless at Society Service.

Even though all the ladies who work with us knów they look fantastic (otherwise we wouldn’t work with them anyway), not every lady is as confident as she should be. Every woman needs some confirmation every now and then – maybe for a number of High Class Escorts it is even the reason to work with us. To be appreciated for who you are, to be desired for your looks, it’s a nice feeling for every woman.

A date with a High Class Escort is like a ‘first date’

Don’t hesitate to make a compliment to ‘your’ High Class Escort. After all it is a ‘first date’ for both of you and we can asure you: it breaks the ice and the result will be a more relaxed atmosphere. Your date will feel relaxed and comfortable if you show her that you like her and find her attractive, and that your date with her is no routine. And even if it ís a ‘routine’ for you, you will be rewarded for giving her a nice feeling. The more your lady feels totally relaxed, the more she will do her utmost to please you…

There are no ‘regular’ bookings at Society Service!

If you realize that it is never ‘normal’ to have a date with such a beautiful and exciting lady, and that for her it’s never a routine too, then perhaps it’s easier to understand why a little compliment every now and then is so important. Yes, read carefully: even for our High Class escorts a booking is never ‘normal’. All the escorts who work for us, do so because they lóve to do that, and as soon as we notice that it is becoming a routine or that they ‘just do their job’, there is no place with us anymore for the lady concerned. A date with an escort from Society Service must be special each and every time. For you, but for her also!

For the foreign customers of Society Service

Our High Class Escorts do speak their languages, but what could be more charming than to give them a little compliment in Dutch? A short remark or sentence in Dutch will surely be seen as a sign of appreciation and respect. A few short sentences in Dutch to prectice? ‘Je bent nog mooier dan op de foto’s’, ‘Wat zie je er mooi uit’…, ‘Als ik met jou ben kijkt vast iedereen naar ons tafeltje’…, ‘Wat een prachtige outfit heb je aan, je bent er voor gemaakt’… You know, it’s not so difficult of course, but perhaps you thought that a gesture like that is not really necessary on a date with a High Class Escort. Well, it is… The’re actually real woman, remember?