Breakfast in bed with a high end escort - part 1

Breakfast in bed with a high end escort - part 1

Our high end escorts tell you a bit more about their favorite breakfast

We recently introduced the new rates for our escortservice and when setting these up it became clear that many high end escorts prefer Overnight bookings. It therefore seemed time for a blog about the favorite breakfasts of our high end escorts.

Exclusive escort Megan enjoys a big breakfast

"My favorite breakfast is very extensive. I like to start off the day with a well prepared breakfast, since it is an an important part of my day. When I’m at home a soft boiled or poached egg, yogurt with granola and fruit, crackers with peanut butter and avocado and of course some fresh orange juice and a tea makes a perfect breakfast for me. Having as much choice as possible in my breakfast is important to me. During an overnight booking, a similar breakfast as described above is always good! What I particularly like is when there are many different options and the dishes originage from different countries. What has been a nice memory for me is ordering an extensive room service. Receiving the breakfast in bed with fresh croissants and rolls, American pancakes and English breakfast describes a perfect breakfast for an overnight booking for me."

High end escort Charlie from Utrecht gets aroused from breakfast in bed

"The first thing I think of in the morning is food. Luckily for me, breakfast is an important meal to many. Luckily for you, nothing turns me on more than a surprise breakfast in bed... Let’s make a deal; I’ll spoil you at night, you spoil me in the morning. And don’t worry, I’ll tell you which food turns me on most. Let's begin with some freshly squeezed orange juice, like I do every morning, and feed each other some sweet strawberries, kiwi’s, cut up bananas, oranges. Feel free to add any fruit you like, I love them all. And for the naughty ones among us, how about some chocolate sauce? After we've taken our daily dose of vitamins (and maybe burned some calories already), we'll enjoy all the hearty treats that you or room-service (gives us more time to cuddle) made for us."

Amsterdam escort Alice is very excited about breakfast

"Breakfast is probably my favorite meal, so when we were asked to write a few sentences about how we start our day, I immediately got excited. When I was a kid my dad would make "poffertjes" every Sunday morning. It's a Dutch dish that would be best described as very fluffy, miniature pancakes. If you like we could go and get some at the farmers market when we meet!  Nowadays I still like to make pancakes on the weekend, but I do it the American way. I make sure my pancakes are nice and fluffy and serve them on a big stack covered in real maple syrup, fresh berries and pieces of mango. I could make you some or we could order them with room service and enjoy a relaxed breakfast in bed together. On weekdays I prefer a healthy breakfast to make sure I stay energized throughout the day. I'd typically go for oatmeal, a smoothie or eggs and avocado."

Intelligente high end escort Beau likes it sweet

"I love waking up in the morning with nothing to do but figure out what I want for breakfast. The morning is a pure time of day, no dust has settled on one’s mind and it’s full of potential. In the morning, I am usually dressed in a silk kimono. I love the luxurious touch of silk against my bare skin. It makes me feel sumptuous and pure. Exactly how a morning should feel like. My ideal breakfast starts with tea. Orange juice on the side. Greek yoghurt with honey and fresh fruit. I let the honey mingle with the fruit before I clean the spoon with my tongue. This kind of juicy, sweet and fresh breakfast feels like the right way to start the day. Another choice for me could be an extensive breakfast, with eggs and bread. I imagine this as me standing in front of the stove, with my left hand on my hip and my right hand holding a spatula. Golden batter bubbling in the pan. As my date is standing by my side, leaning against the cabinet, me watching him watch me. Lastly there is one kind of breakfast I would love to have one day. I have never experienced roomservice breakfast. It seems so dreamy to enjoy the first meal of the day together in that way. I figure I would be feeling like a royal." 

Sexy escort Jane houdt van een goed begin van de dag

"A great breakfast is the best start to your day! I prefer to eat an extensive breakfast. For example, consisting of a sandwich with fried or boiled egg, fresh orange juice and a nice cup of coffee! A delicious croissant or an oatmeal sensation with fruit. I enjoy being pampered, but when I wake up with you I would also like to surprise you with a delicious breakfast! I am sure you will enjoy it. The best breakfast I had were at a hotel in Amsterdam and at the Four Seasons in Paris."


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