Breakfast in bed with a high end escort - part 2

Breakfast in bed with a high end escort - part 2

Our high end escorts tell us about their favorite breakfast

In our previous blog, a number of escorts already told about their favorite breakfasts. This blog was viewed so much that we also asked for input from other high end escorts about how they prefer to start their day. Our high class escorts are only too happy to tell you about it and hope to put this into practice soon.

High end escort Freya enjoys surprising you with breakfast in bed

"I had a dinner date with an overnight stay planned for me in October 2020. You must have noticed that the restaurant industry has had to close its doors again and this means that dining out is not possible. But don't worry! There are always nice alternatives! I spoiled my client with breakfast in bed during our booking in Rotterdam. How nice is it to wake up together, cuddle and afterwards feast on all the goodies on the tray? The ultimate relaxing feeling if you ask me! And let's be honest, now that the days are darker and colder again, isn't it wonderful to enjoy each other's warmth under the covers? By the way, I also like to seek out the warmth by bathing or having a shower. Are you ready for a relaxing morning? I will happily make breakfast in bed for you!"

Intelligent escort Maxime from The Hague enjoys fresh fruit

"You can literally wake me up in the morning for fresh fruits. Incredibly healthy and delicious if you ask me. On regular days, I start my day with a breakfast of fresh fruit, nuts, oatmeal and a cup of herbal tea. The days when the restaurants reopen, and I can treat myself to a breakfast outside the house again looks a bit different. I prefer to have these types of breakfasts in nice company and take time for this. These days of breakfast I will start with a fresh smoothie and of course a nice cup of herbal tea. Then I would have to make the difficult choice of whether I would go for the Eggs Benedict with salmon and avocado of the American pancakes with fresh blueberries and Maple Syrup. What is your favorite? X Maxime"

Escort Emma from Amsterdam pampers herself with something delicious

"I love eating breakfast. Breakfast and dinner are definitely my two favorite meals of the day. My go to breakfast treat is chia pudding. Have you ever tasted it? I make my chia pudding with chia seeds, almond milk and a lot of fresh fruits. Blue berries, mango and strawberries are my favorite toppings for the pudding. I put the pudding a night in the fridge and the next morning I’ll have a delicious breakfast. I like my mornings waking up calm and relaxed while listening to music and eating a healthy breakfast, for a good start of a new day. While some people can’t start their day without drinking a cup of coffee, I prefer a cup of fresh herbal tea next to my breakfast. Most hotels won’t have chia pudding on their menu, therefore I often choose an organic yoghurt with granola and fresh fruits. I like making breakfast, so it’s a pleseaure for me to spoil others, and you! Do you have a special request? Or just curious about my chia pudding and home-made granola? I’d love to let you taste it and I’m sure you would love it! "

Escort Mila gets hungry from bisexual bookings

"At home, I try to make a smoothie with some fresh fruits and oats milk for breakfast. I also love some avocado toast and usually drink some tea. However, because of my busy study schedule, I often don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy my breakfast, and I have to skip it. This is exactly why I love to take all the time to fully enjoy a nice breakfast when I wake up in a beautiful hotel. There is nothing better than to sit in bed in luxurious, soft bathrobes, as the room service is brought in. My favorite experience with this was when I had an overnight double bisexual booking. In the evening the three of us picked out our favourite breakfast items, and we got so excited that we decided to order the entire menu! Of course this turned out to be far too much the next morning, but it was so much fun to share all the food and eat croissants and fresh fruits in the big hotel bed, while all in our robes. As you would imagine, the robes did not stay on for very long…"

High end escort Valentina can appreceate a true gentleman

"During the week on most of the days I can barrely find the time to sit down and take a long relaxing breakfast. Because of that I like to take my time for it whenever I can. And even more if there is someone with who I can share this morning moment. The perfect moment for us to look back on the amazing evening before. Nice warm croissants straight form the oven, a freshly baked egg and also a cold glass of juice cant miss from a good breakfast. Sweet fresh fruit is something I can really enjoy in the morning. A real gentleman ofcourse brings his lady a breakfast in bed. But to orde roomservice and stay in bed together i also a wonderful thing." 


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