The athletic hobbies of our mature exclusive gigolos

The athletic hobbies of our mature exclusive gigolos

Our mature and somewhat older exclusive gigolos owe their fantastic body to their athletic hobbies

With our high class escort service we have a number of gigolos available who have passed the age of 45 and are therefore considered more mature and somewhat older. Although when you think of "mature" and "older" you probably think of a lot older, in the gigolo world this is at the higher end of the age limit. However, this does not mean that these gigolos are inferior to our younger gigolos, in whatever way. In fact; with age comes experience and this can make a very positive contribution to your booking…

Exclusive gigolo Eric likes variety

Gigolo Eric is an experienced gigolo at our high class escort service. He is asked for the most diverse bookings; couples who invite a gigolo to a threesome, ladies who like to be together with an experienced lover with matching skills, clients who like to watch a gigolo with an escort, and much more. It is precisely the variation that gigolo Eric likes so much and that is also reflected in his hobbies.

Eric feels like a fish in the water during a beautiful scuba dive, slides down the slopes on his snowboard and rides through beautiful nature reserves on a horse. Of course, snowboarding on a skiing vacation is great, as is scuba diving at a tropical destination. But you can also give substance to these hobbies for just an afternoon. How about snowboarding in a ski hall? Or float in the pool of a luxury wellness destination? A nice way to get to know exclusive gigolo Eric!

High class gigolo Leon loves mountain landscapes

Our high class gigolo Leon loves hiking and mountain biking. However, you should not think of a simple walk in the woods or cycling on the Dutch dikes. When Leon sets off, he seeks out a challenge and looks for the most beautiful landscapes with enough height differences to test his fitness. Leon does shy away from a marathon either; it should be clear that gigolo Leon is in top condition.

The athletic bucket list of Leon includes things such as climbing the Kilimanjaro, perhaps combined with a beautiful safari in Kenya, which, incidentally, is partly possible by mountain bike. Is that a bit too much for you? Then a mountain bike tour at Paleis Soestdijk might be a nice alternative. You can then relax in the nearby Thermen Soesterberg. Gigolo Leon is an excellent massageur and ensures that you do not have muscle pain from all your (athletic) activities the next day.


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