Book an escort or gigolo for just companionship

Our high class escorts are all elegant, intelligent and discreet, which makes them suitable company for Companionship Only bookings. Companionship Only bookings do not include any form of erotic or sexual intimacy. The escorts' beauty is to be admired and not to be touched. You may be courteous and offer the escort your hand for getting out of a car, a kiss on the cheek to greet and an arm around the when the escort feeling cold. But the atmosphere of such a booking should be similar to the atmosphere between friends or colleagues, not lovers.

There are many reasons to book one of our high class escorts for a Companionship Only booking. For instance, you would like some company during a luxurious dinner, the theatre or a concert. Or you're new in town and want to go sightseeing. We can imagine this is not the type of activity you prefer doing alone. An other possibility is you've been invited to a social or corporate event and the invitation is for you and your partner, yet you are single. To make you feel more comfortable, and to create a more casual setting, it might be suitable to bring a companion.

Bring the most beautiful date to the party

Speaking of being single, current society is more and more focussed on the individual. But that doesn't mean you can't sometimes long for just hanging out with a companion. Watch a movie, cook dinner, athletic endeavors, go shopping, do typical things couples do outside the bedroom. This type of companionship can sometimes be more fulfilling than having sex. The escort can even join you on a fun holiday. Or how about having the most beautiful date to the party and be the envy of all others, or your ex-partner?

Get to know your escort or gigolo before getting more intimate

An other reason to place a Companionship Only booking, is when you want to get to know one of our high class escorts on a platonic level before placing a "regular" booking, to see how you connect. Clients interested in longer bookings ofter first invite the escort for just lunch or dinner, before placing a longer booking including eroticism.

Rates for Companionship Only bookings

The minimum booking of Companionship Only bookings is 3 hours, but this depends on the location of your booking. Bookings within a 10 km radius of where the escort is based require a 3 hour minimum, within a 50 km radius require a 5 hour minimum and within 100 km radius a 12 hour minimum. All other areas require a 16 to 48 hour minimum. The rate for Companionship Only bookings is 60% of the standard rates of the escort with a minimum of €500. Travel expenses up to 150 km are included in the rate.

Special conditions for Companionship Only bookings

Companionship Only bookings do not include any form of erotic or sexual intimacy. You are not allowed to kiss, hug or touch the escort during a Companionship Only booking. You may not ask for erotic or sexual acts or hold erotically tinted conversations. If you do so any way, you will receive 1 warning. After that you are given the choice to change the booking to a regular booking and we will recalculate the rate of the entire booking. As an alternative, the escort will leave the booking, without refund. 

If no warnings are given but you still wish to change the booking to a booking including eroticism, the rate of the entire booking is recalculated to the standard rate. During the Companionship Only booking, the escort must remain fully dressed at all times. Bookings that require getting undressed, such as a sauna visit, are available only at the standard rate. For overnight or multiple day Companionship Only bookings, you must provide your escort with a private bedroom and bathroom.